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    .ini and such

    I was reading
    and the guy says something about editing his .ini files. Can anyone tell me how to do this and what to do for best picture?

    It's tricky because there really is no such thing as "best" looking picture. Some people like motion blur, bloom, depth of field, some people don't.

    The only way to find out what you like is to mess around with the ini files and see for yourself.

    Go to and read the UT3 section. It's explained pretty well there.


      i'd recommend not dl'ing the ini from the post you linked. the ini he posted stores your product key.

      you can basically do two things:
      1. tweak from in game settings

        this is easiest and accomplishes most of what you can in ini.

      2. tweak the ini

        this gives you many more options, but be sure you're comfortable with it first. as mentioned by arnout, use the tweakguide. it has the most complete information. you can also check out ultron's thread. it contains some specific tweaks and some info.