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The more I play the more disappointed I get

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    The more I play the more disappointed I get

    Here is my random rant:

    Is it me, or does anyone ells just get more and more disappointed the more they play?

    This game is lacking so many simple things that I'm just shocked...

    Where is the ability to to send a voice emote over the server saying, "I'm defending our flag" or "I'm defending the central node" last I checked the bots could even call out where enemy vehicle's were on the maps, but I don't get that option?

    You can't even do voice comments, like, "Great shot!"

    Every online game thats come out in the last 5 years have had more voice commands than UT3, even the past UT games had more.

    Whats the deal with having like 12 characters to pick from? Come on, we wont all those creative characters from the past UT games, with their little biographies and stuff!

    Why don't you let the servers pick what teams are named, rather then Red vs Blue! How about team Thundercrush vs. team Ronin? isn't that how it would be set up in a "real" unreal tournament game? Why not throw in a bunch of teams that a server can choose from?

    You know what ells is annoying? The fact the vehicle's can just fly into any open base and run over people who are defending. I understand UT3 is a fast paced online game, but whats the point of even having a base with walls if vehicle's just fly into one and ping-pong around like a pinball and kill all the defenders who are not in vehicle's?

    Sure its fun, but it would be nice if a few maps had bases with doors to small for a vehicle to get into.