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    Originally posted by Rhykker View Post
    Looking at the user-made UT Wallpapers thread, I'm seeing some really great character models...
    Yes, the in-game models look fantastic. I don't disagree. But if you can't tell the difference between the in-game models and the models used at character creation and in the pre-release screenshots (especially the very early ones), you may not exactly be an expert in the graphic arts.

    Don't quit your day job.

    The in-game (action) models are fantastic; the pre-release and character-creation models are beyond astounding.


      Here are some more samples of the high-detail in-game models that cannot be used while playing, only at character creation. I was going to take pictures of their in-action equivalents for a side-by-side comparison, but I couldn't find any good way to get the right models in the game and pose them to take a screenshot. But I'm sure the somewhat-astute-eyed will easily see the difference in detail between the pictures below and what they actually see in-action.



        I especially like the first shot --- these graphics ARE as good as the pre-launch screenshots. It's just too bad that no computer can run them.

        Modulus, I'd be interested in knowing what your framerates are like on the character customization screen with max detail settings. Even if they are high, I bet money they are nowhere near as high as when you are actually playing the game...



          Just a note: I was in the disgruntled group wondering why the character models looked horrible. They almost looked like 2d sprites at certain angles. I did Ultrons's Tweaks and the world looked fanstastic the the characters looked nothing like they did in the creation screen.

          However I did find a fix:
          Explore UT3
          open Enigine File
          open config file
          BaseEngine file, right click go to properties, uncheck Read Only box, click Apply, then make the changes below.


          For NVIDIA users, setting the shader optimization to false allows the use of the high detailed characters in game. (and I didn't notice a huge performance hit either)


            Originally posted by FeedBackTest View Post
            Hahaha, don't be that naïve. Keep dreaming for ur "high-res pack".

            Every company do fake advertising. ID and Epic were in the less bad ones but looks like Epic catched up EA Games and other such *** compagny.

            And now they use those so called "next-gen" **** features such as excessive HDR and Blur to hide the low-quality textures.

            Actualy they are still hard to see, mostly when not playing TDM and even worse at close range. Red are harder to see than blue on some maps like Heat Ray.
            They did it for Ut99.




                No HDR at all in them shots, they look lifeless, i'm really dissapointed they didn't include HDR and most of the maps are very dark because of it. Bloom shaders just look **** compared to HDR, GOW design ruined UT3 for us.


                  There is dynamic lighting and the characters self shadow which is nice, but there are so few areas in levels where they can be appreciated. I will agree that GOW and Epics console direction for the UT3 engine has cut back on the PC high end. The PC is in check with the PS3 for the moment. Build on the PC use on the PS3.


                    Hello Forum,

                    Originally posted by Therealjoe View Post
                    They probably will release a high res texture pack or something.
                    Yes, as a EPIC Bonus Pack. I have also the hope that EPIC will improve that. I feel also cheated in the graphic and menu topic.


                      I don't know about you, but I've never heard of Epic updating a graphics engine in a patch.


                        Any links about this "graphics upadate" in a patch.
                        I imagine the next few patches will be hammering out the types of bugs mentioned in their recent lists. Then there are the bigger ones that won't let people even launch the game - although when it comes to the PC, those kinds of fixes can prove elusive.

                        Beyond that is the patch of a UI fix. The consolization of the PC's UI will be addressed to match it to previous iterations of UT giving players more options.