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    In vCTF Suspense, the bots like to run and hide in the corner between the cable anchor and the spawn base on the farside away from the flag base. They just run back and forth in the corner. I can give an attack order when I see them do this and they will leave the corner. If I do not give them an order, they will stay there. I have actually seen Blue team bots come into the Red base and go to that corner and stay there as well.

    In vCTF Necropolis, the Blue team brought a Darkwalker into my flag base. I was on the flag stand, and rode the hoverboard into the base and was on the way up the stairs on the side the DW was on, when the Darkwalker nailed me through the wall of the base! Another yeah, right moment. Only had this happen once.

    In vCTF Kargo, the bots tracking through walls is really annoying. If the Blue team gets the Goliath, good luck getting out of the base on foot. I can try to go out the door on the far left to get the Avril, no way a person would no I am there, I get blasted every time as soon I as step out. Not even all the way out, just my foot. Also, when trying to look out the sniper port, still on the steps before I can see whats outside, bam, toasted by the Goliath. Got shot through the floor in the sniper box as well, according to the tracer path. These have happened on numerous occasions on this map.

    I have also experienced the dead eye aim of bots in the Darkwalker when they are definitely targeting someone else, 90 to 180 degrees from where I am. I pop out from behind an obstacle to get a shot on them with the Avril, and they nail me as I am just stepping out. Wish I could turn a Darkwalker on a dime and instantly hit a target instead of the slow movement and dragging fire of the main weapon.

    The bots often shooting into the ground or a wall is just wrong. However, when they shoot into a wall, it's a good heads up about an incoming bot. This is another example of bots tracking targets through walls.

    AnubanUT2, to give orders, it's the V key.

    But all in all, this game is just FUN. I know Epic and the modders will make this good game great, it will just take some time.


      It would be nice if the developers would actually acknowledge that the UT3 bots are a step backwards from those of UT2004, and pledge to do something about it in a future patch.

      I have mainly played DM so far, so my main beef with them is that their general behaviour (tactics, movement etc.) doesn't match up with their accuracy or reflexes. At skilled/masterful, they're still dumb as rocks but when they do set their sights on the player, the player had better watch out...

      Example: If you end up in front of a bot with a flak cannon, you're pretty much guaranteed to get a faceful of flak on all but the lowest skill levels. This is because they track and predict the player quite precisely and the flak's refire period is less than the delay between dodges (i.e. double-tap a direction). In the same situation, a good human player may or may not get a solid hit with the flak primary.

      Example: You fall off something and are hit by several link gun bolts (primary, not secondary) IN MID AIR from a considerable distance away. This is something that only the best human players could ever hope to achieve, yet skilled bots or above seem to do it regularly.

      And yes, the bots do appear to ignore some obstacles, which mainly seems to occur when (a) they've "locked onto" the player and (b) the player dodges behind something and then reappears. In those situations, the bots usually have a reflex time of zero and fire the millisecond that your toe appears from behind the obstacle.

      Finally, monkeying with the relative damage dealt by bots and players at the lower skill levels strikes me as a cheap and unsatisfactory way to compensate for inferior bot AI. I'm sure it wasn't like this in UT2004, although I could be wrong, as I never played at anything less than Masterful on UT2004 (since the bots behaved more "realistically").


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          glad I'm not the only one experiencing this... until today ( seeing this thread ) thought I was doing something wrong... increased the skill to high by accident or something like that

          one time a bot just stands there shooting at me and not moving... so I get it with a rocket, bio, flak secondary then another time they dodge like **** knows what...

          killing you at distance beyond understanding...

          on 1 or 2 warfare/ctf maps... I walk by the enemies and not attacking me or they do but miss alot... soon as I get that flag or attacking their core... man... all eyes on me... they come out of nowhere sort of thing and their accuracy just increases alot...

          and I swear... soon as I press that mouse button... they freaking dodge whether they can see me or not and sometimes that's including while they are occupied by another bot and/or person... doesn't always happen though

          they seem to have a habit of trying to get behind you as well when your fighting them... not bothered about this though... had that alot with human players do that as well

          another thing on deathmatch ( I don't remember on other game types )... a bot plays all good n all... soon as he/she is weak... they run away... fine... but they just run away... no dodging, attacking back or anything like that :s... just dedicated to getting health and/or shield

          I don't know about anyone else but I do NOT like fighting the krall... feels like they cheat... they see 1 pixel and your dead in most cases... well... they don't see pixels... only numbers


            not really a bug but **** - LET ME GET THE ORB ONCE AND A WILE - they will crowd the thing and get it b4 I get a chance to grabe the orb


              Originally posted by TPSFan View Post
              Q: Does the strength of the weapons in Instant Action/Campaign also change with bot skill? It feels like the bots have more powerful versions of the weapons while the player has normal weapon strength.


              On "Skilled" I can kill a bot with two shots (primary) from the Flak cannon. They can kill me with just one. The same goes for the other weapons. The stinger takes me about 15-20 shots (primary fire) and they can down me with about 5 to 10.

              If this is the case this definitely needs to go because it isn't fair in any sense of the word. At least in previous UT games bots and humans were on equal footing as far as weapon strength and only had to contend with superior reflexes, not stronger weapons.
              Man, I was wondering the same thing. The boss in singleplayer seems to kill me with single rockets and flak shots from 20-30 feet away sometimes and it gets really frustrating. I also notice it a lot with the Link Gun and they do seem to headshot quite a bit with the Stinger too.


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                  I don't really notice those things when playing, tho what I did notice is that when you enter Deathmatch bots suddenly turn into superefficient Arnold Swarzeneggers


                    I just wanted to drop a big thank you to Mysterial here. This is one of few threads I've read where an Epic moderator (maybe even developer too) has manned up and just got in the trenches here with us. Regardless of how people react to said Epic rep in a thread, if the powers that be would make this a regular behavior I can guarantee people would not be as ****** off.

                    Epic, your PR has sucked awful lately, yet here we FINALLY have an Epic guy in here telling us what's what. Thank you. This is what customers wanted from the beginning, not excessive bans or attempted "thought control." Mysterial, please spread the word to your colleagues that we need more people like you on here.


                      Originally posted by Xyx View Post
                      I had several bots getting stuck on a corner in one of the Dusk prime node buildings, right beside the exit.

                      I wish that would go. Or that it would be in a separate setting... having Bot Skill (n00b, casual, l33t, pr0, godlike) on the one side and Difficulty Level (half damage, regular damage, double damage) on the other (which I personally would always set to "regular").
                      I was just thinking this. A skill level (quality of bot AI, aim, dodging skill, intelligence in warfare/ctf, etc) and difficulty (health, weapon damage).


                        Cross-Reference Thread #4


                          I think the deathmatch AI is amazing, best in any game. The only issue would be that they become a bit too good in some ways; close-range flak attacks, seeming to track you when they shouldn't be able to. Lots of what other people have said.

                          The CTF AI is pretty **** good. Flag carriers don't do enough to escape. Minor glitches with vehicles, but all acceptable.

                          Warfare is where it becomes quite a bit weaker. As the OP said, they don't attack the enemy core when it's available... simply put, it should be nearly every bots priority. They'll focus on non-primary nodes when your prime node is being captured... really annoying when orb carriers do this.

                          Overall, very happy with the AI in this version. A great challenge, and lots of fun.


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                            dansmeek's OP in that thread is a good read!


                              As has been mentioned earlier, the bots put up a **** good fight in Deathmatch, but they seriously need to be re-educated in team games.

                              - They need to learn that they can dodge and Translocate at the same time; on numerous occasions they'd hammer me a bit, then completely stop and focus on the pretty architecture as they prepare the Translocator.

                              - They love the vehicles, yet have absolutely no idea how to drive them. Jeeps frequently propel themselves off cliffs, the aircraft tries to force its way through solid walls and tanks get stuck in trees.

                              - On Serenity, the bots find ways of getting their hoverboards glued stuck in the middle of the ramps to the Leviathan node.

                              - When a bot has an orb, they will focus not on the defenseless enemy node before them, but on any and all weapon/health pickups nearby, and won't even bother attacking until they drop the orb.

                              - They'll always do the complete opposite of whatever order you assign them. Tell them to attack and they'll stay in one place attempting to snipe the first enemy vehicle they see with the Enforcer. Tell them to defend and they'll run off to melee someone with the rocket launcher. Tell them to hold position and every bot on the map will pile on to the hovercraft vehicles and home in on you and only you. Tell them to cover you and they'll run screaming as far into enemy territory as their stumpy legs will take them. Freelance has them doing all of the above.

                              I expect this kind of behavior online, not in Instant Action.