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Ronin after the campaign end [SPOILERS!!]

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    Originally posted by Aled View Post
    Is it wrong that I find Jester unbelievably (or rather, disturbingly) hot?

    That's what you get when you haven't seen or talked with girls for a while I guess. I find them utterly disgusting. No wait, I just don't care about them. I can't form an opinion on pixels. It's just something there, on my screen.


      You know, it would be much better to have more than one boss fight, and I have seen this work overtime too many times to count. Best if certain fights are big, small, easy, medium, or hard, and major/climactic.

      It'd be real nice if somewhere Xan Kreigor was reintroduced into the story back as a simi-major character. Izanagi forces could for example hire him to "recover you from the Necris home world at any cost" sort of thing. Big boss fight that starts with a cut scene where you are about to go through a door when it opens and you see his cybernetic green eye strip in the dark and he comes at you and knocks you down and you get up but before you can fire at him he knocks you into a pillar and you get up and then the boss fight begins.

      Single player game type should be made too so you can play like Unreal 1 style while on occasion you must fight in a deathmatch-style battle or CTF or something like that, kinda like a really really big assault map that extends to more levels than just one.

      As of your team mates, no one said that Bishop and Othello had died. More or less they were no longer "in the way". Jester wasn't dead when Loque dropped her down to you, she was just very injured (much like you were at the beginning of UT3) but she was not fixed up at all and she was also dropped down far enough that she could have been injured even more so Othello and Bishop might have been incapacitated (put into a weakened, helpless state) but still alive.

      I could go on. I do have even more ideas as of what might occur later but I've already wrote enough for now (really more than enough) and I'm getting bored, sry.


        Originally posted by Dr.Crazyhead View Post
        jester is pretty **** hawt if she wears the right chest plate
        She would look hoter without it.


          Originally posted by Dogger View Post
          I think reaper should be gibbed in to a million pieces and the respawners shut off and destroyed so he can never come back, as for the rest of ronin, they can share the same fate.

          If epic really want to make a compelling story mode within a online multiplayer game they should take a page out of Tribes: vengeance' book.
          i'm pretty much drooling at the idea of necris with jetpacks and spinfusers now.


            Originally posted by SpineShanK View Post
            yeah jester has to die. as it's in the final cutscene so she can't be saved

            or maybe she fainted from her wounds and fell in a coma.

            this is an alternative is related to what happens here

            as the palace collapse and reaper is leaving behind jester's corpse thinking his sister is dead.
            jester's body gets retrived by an unknown marine.
            later on we discover that this marine was sent out by malcolm who felt guilty to let the ronins fight akasha on their own.

            so when reaper comes back to malcolm still thinking he betrayed him, after malcolm and reaper's duel . malcolm explains everything about the hostage to reaper.
            but reaper don't believe a word of this and becomes even more berserk than before as he thinks malcolm is lying to him.

            reaper is going to finish off malcolm the exact same way that he finished akasha. as reaper is about to strike the final blow, malcolm shouts out

            "stop ! i'm telling the f*cking truth ! and i can f*ckin prove it"

            then reaper tells malcolm he got one minute max to prove himself.
            malcolm lying on the ground completely injured after their duel can barely stand up. malcolm hardly manages to stand up he goes reach his computer.
            a huge screen on the ceiling is lighthing up (same one that showed kill akaha mission before) showing jester lying in her coma with what's seems to be a hopital in the future. reaper then cannot believe what he sees. and ask many questions to malcolm to how and when did he retrieve jester. then reaper ask about jester's current state and her chance of survival.

            malcolm tells reaper that jester is in pretty bad shape and that she lost a lot of blood and also got infected by the green stuff like in deck (can't find the word ) malcolm then explains to reaper that they got to retrieve a cure to save jester within 3 days. the only cure is a rare herb that grows only on the topest tree of "serenity" (the warfare map ^^)

            malcolm and reaper now team up to save jester

            i tryed to make it less harsh this time
            you see her face go mostly under water so drowning would happen or in UT's case "Jester forgot to come up for air"


              Hello guy
              just finished the game (I just have time)

              really love UT series

              So Loque betray akasha ?

              who won in ut 2004 ? is it George again ?

              after I saw Malcom betray Ronin
              I wish George will teach malcom a lesson again.


                Just as long as the story is based around a tournament i don't care how it works out. I bought "Unreal Tournament 3" Not "Unreal Warfare". (IMO unreal warfare could be a 1337 game)

                Anyways, the first bonus pack epic releases should contain a continuation - It had BETTER be about a tournament.