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Do you find it hard to aim in UT3?

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    Originally posted by xi0s View Post
    I think you're right. Just doing some testing in maps where my fps is pretty bad (high teens to 20's), I would flip my mouse around and notice that the mouse didnt actually start turning the instant I would flick it, and then that small delay would actually cause the mouse to also stop farther on the screen then where I think it would've stopped based on when I stopped it. It just doesnt feel precise at all, and I think it has to do with not getting consistent framerates.
    See, its not actually because of low framerates.. why? Cuz I have my game setup to play pretty light, in terms of detail.. simply cuz when I play online, I need it slammed to 60fps ALL the time.. I can't stand missing a shot or getting really choppy play when there is a lot going on in game, so I turn everything low and I feel it gives a huge advantage.
    My point? Even with my game playing this way there is still a real problem with the accuracy of the mouse.. It doesn't feel precise, because it isn't.

    It has nothing to do with framerate.. this I'm sure. Its more because Epic decided that this, along with custom crosshairs, among other necessary parts of the game, were UNnecessary. Either that or they are totally lazy and figured "ah, noone will notice".

    Maybe while they're at it, they can get a decent working patch that doesn't make the store bought release stutter after patching on x64 Vista Ultimate.



      Well, I used that tweaking guide that's around here somewhere and it improved my aim by a good 40%, it was mainly the beer goggles, bloom ect. that were making it hard to focus on where the enemies were. What also helps is using small weapon models, less distracting imo.


        Well... maybe it would be a "little" easier to use the Shock Rifle if I wouldn't be having 20-30fps most of the time (-_-).

        Else, no it's not really harder. While standing still, I get 10x more succestive shock combo than in UT2004 for some reasons.



          my aim was great in 99
          suprisingly even better in ut04, and everyone looked like teeny midgets or dots sometimes!!!!

          But here I just plain suck=/

          Can it have anything to do with the crosshairs?
          I went back to 99 after playing ut3 and I sucked

          ut3 is nerfing my aim


            I find no problem whatsoever with ut2k4 and ut3. My framerates in 2k4 are nice around 70-80 and ut3 it's around 30-40, and at worst cases 20. But aiming at stuff seems fine for me.

            Razer Diamondback if it makes a difference >.>

            BTW, I sux in UT99


              sooo... if you turn down mouse sensitivity it's easier to aim? my aim such horribly compared to ut2k lol it's funny and i try really hard to to hit these people.


                Originally posted by durlsey View Post
                I find the aiming just feels odd and unresponsive no matter what sensitivity I choose.

                Same here, the mouse kinda jumps a bit let or right when shooting at distant targets (not graphic lag etc. games running fine) whereas in UT2k4 I just smoothly move the mouse to target and Blam! Shockballing used to be my favourite attack, in this Version it's a fluke if I hit one, especially if jumping or dodging, which for me makes that part of the game more Plod, Plod, Plod, Bang! instead of the nimble athletic style I was hoping for (if that makes sense)
                In UT3 the shock rifle has moved from my favourite weapon to only use if nothing else available.
                The unturnoffable viewbobbing doesnt help either


                  Originally posted by Somnambulist View Post
                  The unturnoffable viewbobbing doesnt help either
                  That's in one of the ini files also. You can set it to 0.00, I think. Personally, I hate 1st person games that don't use view-bob (Usually MMOs)


                    Thanks very much Vzur, aiming still feels a little off but that helps a ton


                      Well, I think alot of this is because of crosshair. But they added some options for that in the new patch (will try tonight) then we'll see if I can get my small cross
                      Also, Mouse Smoothing needs to be off and mousespeed needs to be 7.


                        Just a lil thing I noticed now I have veiwbobbing off, if you shoot a wall or floor with shock, you'll see it actually shoots a bit to the right of where crosshair is aimed at, with the link it shoots a bit to the bottom right of it, not so much a problem with the link but not so good for shock being that its a gun pretty much based on accuracy

                        C:\Documents and Settings\Etc.\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config\UTGame


                        I have no idea why this would be set to False, I changed to True and lo and behold shots now hit where crosshair dot is


                          Originally posted by Typhus View Post
                          I have been playing instagib since UT2003 till today, and in UT3 i have seen some cases where im sure that was a hit but the shot goes thru the other player, also happened in single player

                          Maybe its all me, since its a whole new game.
                          Same here with InstaGib! Sometimes the shoot goes thru the other players!