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    Profile problem

    El Scumbago wrote
    "Hey people, I'm having a small problem and need your advice. I purchased UT3yesterday but don't have an internet connection yet. In the beginning, I thought that my profile's settings would be kinda like UT2k4's so I went ahead and selected "play offline", chose a character and customized the audio and visual settings. Then I begun playing.

    When I exited the game and then opened it again, I found my settings had been changed back to the defaults, both the audio/visual ones as well as the settings for the maps' botcounts and difficulty, and the campaign progress I had made was nowhere to be found (there was no "continue campaign" option).

    So, it seems the game doesn't save the user's configurations or anything at all. When I get my internet connection and make a profile, will this change, or not? Until then, what can I do to avoid customizing the settings again and again, or to complete the campaign without playing all of it at once? What the heck was Epic thinking?"

    WarTourist wrote
    "Check your private messages." and closed

    A friend of mine has the same problem
    So maybe this is a public problem...