First off, the most important problem i have is that i can only see like 20 servers when i try to play online, and about 1 or 2 of them are populated, usually with only 5 or 10 players. Is there some patch i have to download? because i can't find it on the 'community news page' or on any announcements in these forums.

Secondly, the graphics are even worse than the demo, is there no antialiasing? I've got everything on max but textures take about 5 seconds to load at the start of matches, and occasionally they start flickering and disappearing, this is probably a driver thing, i do have the latest one though. (and i have a decent graphics card btw)
When i see enemy in the distance, all i see is a red glow, or a blue glow, only when i go right up to them do they seem to stop 'blurring' and become proper textures.

Also when i'm playing the campaign after i've finished a mission, most of the time the fmv sequence just stops, and it skips to the mission select bit. I've also found bots to be extremely accurate on novice difficult setting, and almost the same on godlike, the only difference is there less jumpy and fast on lower difficulty settings, they still take you out in one shot with an instagib rifle.

No assault mode?? why take the most enjoyable mode out? I'm pretty annoyed at the poor vehicle balance as well.

Oh yeah, can we not have a decent crosshair?, rather than a 'normal' crosshair, and a 'simple' one which is actually a huge great thick thing.

Bit of a rant meh, but if someone could help me with the whole not being able to find servers thing, that would be great