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    Ok we need to talk

    I don't know what some of your guy's problem is. Apparently most of you don't want anyone else to continue playing this game. Never in my life have I been more appalled at the behavior on public servers. I'm not sure if you are all just really retarded and haven't been told yet, or if you're trying to be a complete jerk. Either way cut it out. It's hard enough trying to find a server I can ping to with people in it. The last thing I need is you coming in and screwing it all up. This is a game where having a good community to play with is crucial to it's success, and some of you just aren't helping.

    So here are my pet peves right now. If you're doing any of these things, repent, and CUT IT OUT.

    1. There are other deathmatch maps besides Deck. Did it ever occur to you that maybe before you came in the last map that we played was deck? I know that it's a map that you all know, but seriously you can handle playing the other maps every once and a while. We'll be playing deck, and people are trying to vote in deck for goodness sakes. Vote for something else!

    2. Server admins: turn off the bots. I'm talking to you Epic/Midway. You probably think that having bots in there will help get the game going, but it doesn't. Maybe you think that because we can't see their ping that we won't know they are bots, but that isn't true either. Nobody wants to play TDM with 6 novice bots. Maybe if it's 2on2 and at a decent level I can handle it, but what you have set up right now sucks. While I'm at it time limits are almost always better than score limits.

    3. Nobody cares nor is impressed by how quickly you can capture the flag in reflection when there isn't enough people on the other team to even play a match. If you really think that plowing though the map as fast as you can is that much fun, go back to UT2k4 and play Assault. If it's that easy for you to capture the flag, maybe you should cut back a little. Ya know actually kill them a few times before you capture it. Or hey better yet switch teams and even it up already!

    4. Get over yourself. I know that you are all aspiring to become pro, but pub smashing for 60 hours a week isn't going to get you there. So stop thinking you are all that when you can totally humiliate people that have barely even played the game before. Stop running away crying whenever someone comes along that can actually play. Stop talking trash. Stop trying to make the game miserable for everyone that isn't you. Please stop trying to drive people away when there's only 2 or 3 people in the server and we're trying to get a game started. I'm sure someone is going to come out and say "but I'm just playing the game". Sorry, but a pub just isn't the place for that especially when it's just you and two n00bs. If you are all that good then go join a clan. Try going out and getting an actual life. Maybe then if you had real life friends you would be so much of a ****. Whatever you do just please stop trying to drive everybody out of the server already.

    I agree with all four points especially the last one. I played with this guy M3Concept on Ratman's DM server and he was a total douche saying everyone was pathetic and that the game sucks. Seriously, if he thought that, why was he even playing?