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Hellbender control basically ruins this vehicle.

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    Seems to me some basics would improve it..

    Weapons on vehicles should all be more powerful them foot based weapons, with the exception of probably the redeemer.

    Vehicles should all be faster then the hoverboard. Otherwise players will abandon them in favor of using just the hoverboard.

    Vehicles should control with some relation to reality.. if the helbender is a heavier vehicle, it should feel like it has more weight behind it.

    And the manta really needs to make more noise......


      Signed to have Epic take the bender to the shop and have the suspension and handling overhauled...

      I also really want to see camera view changable in all vehicles. Mousewheel up and down for camera distance all the way into the cockpit was perfect. Now it feels like I'm driving with a neck brace and horse blinders on


        I've said it before, and I'll say it again. In city maps, with alleys and streets, the Hellbender is a very powerful weapon. The shock combo side turret wipes out platoons of infantry, and is effective against small vehicles.

        To all of you people complaining about it not being enough like the one in 2004:
        The Hellbender was only good in 2004 if you were the only one in the vehicle. You couldn't fire while driving, and if someone else is driving, you can't trust them to take you where you need to go to be effective. So the current Hellbender is better in that regard. You can now drive while firing the side turret.
        As far as the rear turret goes, sure I miss the Twin Beams. However, the rear turret still does charge. It's just opposite of 2k4. In 2k4, you held down the mouse until you reach full charge, then release when needed. In UT3, it starts fully charged, and after firing it needs a second or two to recharge. If you just spam with it, it'll never charge completely.

        Handling and control does suck royally. I agree with that.


          Originally posted by Draco View Post
          the classic hb not only performed better but looked better too imo, the current one looks like an over sized remote control truck lol. the 2k4 bender at least looked good, looked like an over sized beefed up hummer

          but old twin breams rear turret is a must! bring it back epic
          I do not agree with you on the Hellbender's different looks.

          Hellbender UT2004: It looked like a hummer, I'll give you that... but why should it? I dont recall the american army(or whoever makes the hummers) being mentioned in the Unreal Tournament. Why have an american looking truck when the tank and other vehicles looks like they have been developed by other forces/factions?

          Hellbender UT3: A more compact vehicle, the new Hellbender has now got a more unique and armoured design, much better for UT. It has now been designed to be part of the Axon vehicle range, it has cohesion(sp) with the other vehicles of Axon I think. Also the windows are gone, making it looking even more armoured, which it is, as you can no longer be damaged while driving it, except of course when it is destroyed! And it has cool exhaust units!

          As for its steering I got no problems at all. In fact I find it more easy to turn and evade, though I've seen some players turn straight into walls... you need to go back to driving school!
          If there is one thing I would like change about its handling then it would be to make it faster. It seems so slow...
          The rear turret. I'm not sure about this one, I think it should be more deadly somehow. It seems mighty impressive when you look at it, but does not perform that well.


            They're increasing the rear turret damage in the patch.


              Originally posted by bclagge View Post
              They're increasing the rear turret damage in the patch.
              Oh, cool! Thats nice. I was wondering if the skymine turret is good for infantry then maybe the rear turret could be good against vehicles.


                It's good vs vehicles. Just be sure to let the gun fully recharge before you fire again. Pay attention, and you can hear it charging after each shot.


                  I drive the Hellbender a lot, mostly because it can wreck people on foot and hold down attackers. But yeah I think it could use some kind of incremental steering, just to make it a little less twitchy. With the rear gun becoming more powerful hopefully we'll see people using it more often.


                    The skymines are fairly similar to their UT2004 counterpart in terms of damage and splash radius... but everything else is twice as deadly now.


                      Originally posted by bclagge View Post
                      They're increasing the rear turret damage in the patch.
                      I hope the rear turret can take out raptors in 2 shots in the new patch, like in 2k4.


                        Originally posted by armagon917 View Post
                        The raptor is absolutly crappy when it comes to this. You cant see anyone below you. All you see is the top of the vehicle in this case.

                        I liked the option on UT2004 that you could zoom in or out using the mouse wheel. I would change my camera view on the fly depending on the situation. This is one of the most important things that made UT2004 vehicles so fun to use.
                        I assume you are holding still in mid-air if you are unable to hit someone below you? most people would keep moving, no matter the condition.

                        If you stay still you're a sitting duck, stop complaining about issues you help generate.