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Just bought the game, two important questions

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    Just bought the game, two important questions

    Hey all, I just bought the game for the PC yesterday. I'm a long, long time Unreal fan (since the original Unreal, in fact!). I like the new game a lot, though it doesn't run well on my PC so I think I might buy it on the PS3 when it comes out. No Bombing Run, though! That sucks! I understand, though, I don't think many people played it but it was by far my favorite mode in 2K3/2K4.

    I have two questions that have come up in playing the game a little bit; both of these are kind of dealbreakers for me; I am considering returning the PC version because of them.

    1) Mutators; where the hell are they? I see posts on this forum about them but I can't find any way to apply them in instant action. UT ain't UT without low-grav air-control Instagib with slow motion corpses, if you ask me!

    2) In the demo, at really, really low resolutions (640x480, 320x240...which are the only resolutions I can run the game at very well on my notebook), enemies in the distance had an outline or kind of shined the color of their team. So if you were on the blue team, enemies on the red team would appear all red in the distance, really brightly. This helped with playing at the low resolutions I have to play at because I could see the enemies when otherwise, at a certain distance at these low resolutions, they would blend into the background.

    That does not occur at all in the full version, for me. Was that working as intended to begin with, and if so, is there a way to re-enable it? Or was it a freak video driver thing? If it was a freak video driver thing it was happy accident, but ah well. It's almost impossible to play the game effectively at 640x480 because you can't make out humanoid figures in the distance.

    Mutators can be found next to 'Start match' in instant action, it's one of those buttons.

    The skins were purposely made very bright to avoid what happened in UT2004. (loads of brightskin mods)


      Nevermind, I found the mutators. I hate this wizard-like menu system; why can't it all be on one screen like the old days?

      I still want answers on the colored-outline issue though.


        The skins aren't bright for me anymore, though.

        No matter what the shader or detail settings are on, they don't have that backlight-type glow they had in the demo, and that makes them very difficult to spot at long distances at low resolutions. Any idea how to re-enable that?


          Wow, the mutator selection and customization sucks ***. Aren't sequels supposed to have more, not less? Sigh.

          Where's my quad jump and configurable speed and gravity? These kinds of configurables were what made the UT series great and better than Quake. Take that away and it's not that interesting anymore...