Having played UT3 for a few days now, there are a few annoyances..

A) the speed of the game, the load times mostly... the speed from clicking the icon, to being ready to play is poor compared to 99% of other games... and its not like im on a low spec machine either... and all other games get you into the action much faster

B) the GUI, I read the sticky that they are aware about the 'issues' with the GUI, but I think its more than 'issues', the server search filter is VERY limited, doesnt allow mutator search, and also doesnt save your settings when you exit the game and reload..

C) the server list, again, it doesnt save the sort order you last used, I sort by ping (lowest to highest) and when ever I re-enter the game, its reset

D) the mouse is quite stuttery on the ingame menu

E) the menu's and navigation isnt very intuitive, I liked UT99 because it was real menu's, it made sence, things were named properly, UT2003/4 was decent too, UT3 has an ok first menu, but then when you go into a sub menu (like the settings, or the servers) it feels like you hit a brick wall..