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5 bugs in game ive noticed

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    5 bugs in game ive noticed

    these bugs are all to do with bot skill and behaviour. they may not be bugs after all, if that is the case then just.... wow.... just

    1. on ANY difficlty setting, a bot driving the dark walker can, and will shoot you from 3 miles away (and at other bots) past sevral obsicals and hit you with "pin-point" accuracy. they NEVER EVER miss.

    2. the same problem with the viper. bots NEVER miss they will hit you 100% of the time while zooming around like a madman on any difficulty.

    3. bots also have this accruacy when shooting down the redeemer missle. they always seem to be able to get it bang on every time its fired.
    might not be a bug, i might just be underestimateing the bots

    4. bots on objective based maps will never stop to engage you unless they are in a vehicle. they will run sideways toward their objsective while trying to take you out. seems to be this way on almost all setting exept for very high difficulty.

    5. this last one is not about bots, but rather the viper. i quote from the game manual. Necris viper "Its conventional armament includes front-mounted cannons that launch shperes of re-bounding plasmid energy. They are not particually lethal, but their hight rate of fire...." The part where is sais they are not partically leithal is the wrong part, it can mince some other vehicle in a few seconds (i know this isnt a bug but i think it needs to be turned down a notch.

    now i know that the bots in this game are supposed to be harder then the other UT's but jeez... 100% accuracy...on novice too godlike.... come on!

    PS: bots really need to enguage players more often rather then trying to ignore them and go for an objective... it can get quite boring shooting bots in the back that always put u second before their task even if ure stood next to them...

    i am prolly gonne get a mouthful from some players who think they are totally uber l33t hardc0re and that i suck and i dont know what i am talking about. but these are just a few things i noticed that i want to bring to attention to everyone.

    I am totally uber l33t hardc0re. You suck and dont know what you are talking about


    Agreed on the Darkwalker range to accuracy ratio, it feels a little overkill sometimes (though I don't know about the around obstacles part) when I'm close to the enterance to the tunnel in VCTF-Sandstorm and the Darkwalker down by the cliff turns and starts blasting me. I generally play on "Adept" or higher but have noticed this even on "Experienced". That said, I know that I can pretty much do the same thing if I'm paying enough attention and fel like DW camping by the flag


      This is the first UT game (since original) where the bots are TERRIBLE compared to their predecessors.

      The path nodes for some of the maps are terrible too. I see bots trying to jump up and over things they can't which makes them easy targets. I had to go into VCTF-Sandstorm and RE PATH some of the nodes because it was literally a game-breaking bug.

      I moved the Darkwalker from the crater to just right in front of the main base and then made the crater where it originally spawns off-limits to ANY bot. The map now plays fine.

      It's "little" things like this that prove the game was rushed to compete with Crysis and other FPS games coming out right now.


        I to am noticing that the bots just seem to not care about you exept in vehicles particularly in CTF, i also noticed they hit the redemer %100 of the time