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Im new to PC games? Can i have some tips?

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    Im new to PC games? Can i have some tips?

    I never had a good enough computer to play games on. I just ordered one that is good enough. So what are mods? and how do i download them. Also you cant use the mods in ranked games can you? And should i use my 360 controller? Plz add other tips

    Please use a keyboard and mouse... If you use your controller you will be at a huge disadvantage against other players using a K/M setup.

    Mods come with the game... They're also made by the community to add some extra flavor to gameplay. They include many things like bighead, lowgrav, no powerups and sometimes even entire seperate gametypes.

    I believe you CAN use mods in ranked games... If my understanding of what a ranked game is is the same as yours.

    The main tip I can give anyone new to the game, is to play online as much as possible and make friends. That way the community will GROW!

    gl hf


      Originally posted by BJHJNH View Post
      So what are mods? and how do i download them. Also you cant use the mods in ranked games can you? And should i use my 360 controller? Plz add other tips
      1: Mods are user made addons that change various aspects of the game. They need to be downloaded and installed

      2: You can't add your own mods to an online game unless they are already added by the server admin. That said many servers will be running mods for gameplay changes, rules, anti cheat etc.

      3: Controllers are a matter of personal preference, but the vast majority will tell you to move with your keyboard and aim/look/shoot with your mouse. It is much more responsive and fluid in my opinion.

      Tip: Practice offline against easy bots first before you wander online and then play harder bots to get better (but don't play bots forever). Other players can be cruel to those who are new and still haven't found thier comfort level with the controls and the gameplay. That said, you will also run into others who are willing to help you out. Online play can be alot like high school.

      Welcome to Unreal Tournament


        Heres a tip that may seem obvious but lots of people dont do it:

        Keep moving.


          well if your new to pc gaming your pretty much cannon fodder for now.expect to get killed alot till you get used to playing with a keyboard and mouse.then getting used to the game itself.but DONT GIVE UP.if you keep playing you get better.


            Find something you're good at and keep doing it. And yeah don't stop moving.


              See 10 Rules to make you better @ FPS games


                Originally posted by cel4145 View Post

                Definetly follow that, very good tips.


                  Oohhhhh, how steep the UT learning curve, how very steep. Steeper in UT2, but still steep. Only the stong survive that one.

                  Good luck and welcome. Don't give up.

                  My advice is, when you get your asses whooped by somene, as with any game, spectate them and find out how they did it, then do what they do. If you don't know how to do what they did, ask around on forums to find out. Its about learning and discovering.

                  Jeez I love UT3.


                    Making the leap from a gamepad to a keyboard and mouse is the toughest thing for someone stepping up to PC gaming in an FPS. Most guys look at all those buttons on a keyboard and say "No thank you sir, I'll take my four buttons and analog stick".

                    It's not so bad, and will grow on you quickly.

                    1. Rest your hand. Relax, you don't have to grip onto anything. Place your middle finger on W, index and ring fingers on D and A (respectively), then rest your pinky over the Shift button and your thumb on the spacebar lightly. Shift or Control is typical for crouch/walk modes, and the spacebar is pretty universal for jumping
                    RELAX them there, don't clench up your claw. Avoid using the Arrow keys on most keyboards, it's a bad habit for most folks unless you're left handed. If you find it hard to naturally rest your hand on the WASD location, try putting a few small red stickers on them, feeling them there will make things natural and comforting.

                    2. Mouse tips. May feel odd at first compared to an analog thumbstick, but this will be the easiest to warm up to by far. No real tips necessary, you'll either grow into a "clutcher", or a "floater". Consider a heavy mouse if you manhandle and grip it tightly using your elbow for rapid moves, or a light mouse if you're relaxed type who moves from the wrist.

                    GL and welcome to PC gaming. You're probably never gonna go back.


                      Stay away from the Deer Hunter series.


                        mods and stuff are basically things that change the game to make it the gameplay that suits what you want a mutator called bloody hell in UT2004 added tonnes more gore which made the game sweet as


                          if it has vehicles, they are scary, like the manta in 2k4 and fury in ut3
                          Originally posted by reise
                          find something you're good and and keep doing it
                          in a perfect game, anyone in a vehicle can keep the enemy down


                            my $0.02.....

                            expect a learning curve. expect to get decimated when you first start online. expect to die a lot.

                            keep at it, keep practicing and above all, never, ever forget: it's a GAME. have FUN.


                              Some basic places to find mods:
                              Search around on google and join a few community's and you will be plugged in, in no time.