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Where is the "rocks crushes the paladin" map?

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    I wish you could at least use one of those big harpoon guns and bag a Leviathan or Darkwalker. Reel that puppy in and gut it for its blubber and use it for light a lantern or something.

    Oh and maybe that rock crashing down thing fell on the lobby I thought we where getting to chat to people. And maybe the guy that said loading time will be super fast from one map to the next was in the lobby and he was mortally wounded so it was never implemented.


      Originally posted by BlackEyez View Post
      Is it just me or was the hype bigger than the game itself? :/
      It was riding on the hopes and dreams of the UT2K4 community along with the extra hype they included. I'm pretty sure the UT99 crew was interested as well, so basically everyone wanted to see what Epic would come out with.

      Haha, now people are back to playing their games and waiting for UT3 to catch up content wise. Still, enough people are staying to at least have some multi-player.