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Why do ppl say there`s not much in ut3??

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    Originally posted by AnubanUT2 View Post
    So yeah when you look at UT3 and see that it shipped with 40 maps, 6 gametypes, and 11 mutators then you have to be fair and applaud Epic for doing such a good job at upping the ante in a considerable fashion. So this is definitely one less thing people should complain about.

    I would expect we'll see much more in bonus packs. Given the complexity of the new Unreal engine, I've been thinking lately that it's actually a good strategy not to include too many options and extra mutators because the game really has to be released before it can be perfected. There are too many different system configurations that people are using for it to possibly work for everyone on the first time out. Hardware, OS's and drivers have advanced tremendously since the last Unreal engine. It has to be released to be refined, and more game options and game types would have (a) lengthened the time before it could be released and (B) increased the likelihood of more problems.

    Overall, I'd say this was a great release all things considered (well, except for the rather useless single-player campaign, but they have to include that and I'm glad that they didn't devote more time to it. lol).


      I'm happy with the amount of maps.

      What I don't though, is that if people think there are too little maps, then why do they play the same maps over and over again on the servers? I'm sick of Torlan. It seems that even if there was a hundred maps, people will still play the same maps over and over again.

      Reminds me of Karkand in BF2.


        Originally posted by booshack View Post
        Seriously, the maps appearing dull is probably the last reason anyone would dislike UT3. You mention DM-Gateway, perhaps the worst flowing map in the game. Really, perhaps you shouldn't try to come off as some sort of UT veteran if all you are complaining about is the lack of gimmicky movement and gimmicky visuals (the latter of which you will find in many UT3 maps anyway).

        QFT - Gateway is about as gimmicky as it gets and certainly one of the worst maps in the game... it's reminiscent of most UT2004 maps: nice to look at, horrid to play. In terms of map layout and pure gameplay, the UT3 map selection is awesome, almost on par with UT... thus far superior to UT2003 and 4.

        That said, I do agree that a some UT3 maps, particularly DeathMatch/vCTF maps, don't always look as great. Some have fairly bland texturing going on, but this never really detracts from the gameplay - and awesome flow of the maps. I'd rather play on an uglier map then one that doesn't allow you to move properly... although nearly all UT3 maps are both prettier and feature better flow than just about any UT2004 map.


          Originally posted by UndeadRoadkill View Post
          I was hoping for something new that I hadn't played before. The only thing that seems new to me is the set of six necris vehicles.
          Your reason is why I didn't like this game at first. I still don't like it more than 2K4 and UT99, but its. . . ok at the very least. This is still the main beef I have with this game. I felt horridly ripped off when I played it after buying the editor's edition, but at least I get an engine to play with when I'm bored.

          There's nothing new, save for a few extra vehicles and a hoverboard--which could be easily modded into a Ref-board and have a Eureka Seven based mod where maps are taking place high in the sky, though naturally it'd be harder to knock them off and they'd just jump back on and be able to use weapons--and substituting a few weapons here and there for others.