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Changes in vehicles on the patch.

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    Changes in vehicles on the patch.

    Its not banned to talk about the patch changes, it is?
    Its only banned to provide download links, and there are none here.

    So this is something i want to discuss,
    having in mind that i didnt played the 1.00 version, just passed from the demo to the retail 1.01 ( the patch was in my house the day of the game arrived) i felt some changes on vehicles.

    I have seen the changelog in the thread that was opened days ago, but im am playing the campaign right now, and i am seeing some changes in vehicles that seems to be new, or maybe i am freaking out.

    The hellbender.
    -The secondary turret damage is amplified <- said on changelog
    -Its way way faster that in the demo, also has faster acceleration so, hand brakes manuvers are more usables and easy to do, . <- not said.
    Im pretty sure of this one because i trained those handbrake manuvers on the demo.

    The goliat.
    -The turret secondary aims better and does more damage. <-said on changelog.
    -The tank is faster, accelerates faster. The primary cannon shoot is almost instagib now, like the goliath on unreal 2k4. <- not said
    -Both turrets, specially the machinegun one, goes faster. With the machine gun you can aim almost instantly, and i think the main turret rotates a bit faster, but this last one im not sure.

    Does anyone else realised of that? HAve anyone find more things?

    Ummmm? Since most people don't have a patch of any kind? How are most people supposed to respond? A lot of us are more concerned with playing the game without crashing.

    Is that you Klasnic?


      I think there are some people that has the pactch that could respond, if not, just let this thread sink to oblivion.

      What does klasnic means?


        I hope that your post is correct, because all those changes IMHO would be exactly what's needed.

        Giving the axon more speed and manouverability vs the necris makes absolute sense.


          Originally posted by r1esG0 View Post
          What does klasnic means?
          Klasnic is a guy who made awesome animated robot skins for UT2004

          Patch changes sound great, if only it was retailing here.


            Is there a patch for UT3? I didn't even know, how do we download it?


              Originally posted by Lee_Shagwell View Post
              Is there a patch for UT3?
              Not yet. It's still in beta.


                I can confirm this, indeed over 1.00 things seem to be a bit more tweaked. Did the goliath have tread sound effects (the squaky like noise on most tanks) before 1.01? If so i didnt realise, the effects on it seem much better to...although the firing sound and the explosion sound are waaaaaaaaaay to quiet still.

                And jesus christ...the redeemer is so pathetic...sure it does ALMOST the same amount of damage but...sound??? hello??? Effects?? hello?? Its the most UNIMPRESSIVE weapon in the game apart from how it looks when you carry it...compared to the sheer level of detail that can be forced into the game...its so lacking on effects (blindness is ok)

                For one it needs to be more like Crysis's portable nuke launcher...that would be nice


                  it is remarked in those forums you cannot talk about other games,
                  so please edit that before they lock the thread.