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Multiple Configs (Video, e.t.c.) for one user?

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    Multiple Configs (Video, e.t.c.) for one user?

    As far as I see it, UT3 stores the config (system stuff, video config, e.t.c.) relative to the Windows user homedir, wich gives every (win) user it's own set off settings.... so far so nice....

    But what if I want to have multiple configs for my primary (win) user?
    Like "Full Gear", "Windowed" and "Low-Res", for example....

    Does UT3 support multiple configs for one (win)user?
    Must I tell it via commandline what config to use?
    Or is there a nice "choose now" dialog hidden somewhere, so I don't have to make my own

    I know that in the patch servers will have this:

    - Added -configsubdir= command line option to cause .ini files to be
    loaded/saved from the specified subdirectory of Game\Config\

    I'm not sure if the regular game can use this parameter.
    But you could create different shortcuts with it each specifying a different path with ini files.