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LAN Team Balancing

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    LAN Team Balancing

    Sorry if this is a repeat question but I'm lazy when it comes to reading through 101 pages of 20 or so threads per page.

    Is there a way for my friends and I to play on the same team when playing a Team Death Match LAN game? There are three of us and we like to play together but the game will only allow two of us on one team and the third person on the other team that I can see. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, on a side note; will there ever be more than two teams in Team Death Match? Or was that a bust in the past?

    Whichever computer is hosting the LAN match should first open up the UTGame.ini file and look for the header that says:


    You will see a line that says:

    Change it to:

    Click File>Save to save this change and the start the game and host it and see if the changes took effect.

    If you are connecting to a dedicated server started with a batch file simply put bPlayersBalanceTeams=false in the command line.

    Hope this helps.