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Some parts of unreal 3 feel empty

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    assault is missing


      Originally posted by PyroFiRE View Post
      Quakeish? There was a time that if you said that you'd have been flailed alive on any UT fan forum
      That would be nothing but fanboyism. I love Q3A, as much as i love UT. I give a wet cucumber about loyalty...

      I played Q3A CTF a lot, and the current CTF really reminds me of that (i'm talking about movement/feeling, not weapons). It seems that slowness from UT2004 is gone and it plays great now, the feeling is more "direct". UT CTF was good, but UT2004 CTF was unplayable for me. But maybe it's just the smaller scale of the environments, maybe movement speed is the same as UT2004, i don't know...

      PS: For the fanboys - there are a few things in UT3 that Epic stole from Q3A, see if you can find them...


        Oh, i've got it. When i played UT99 CTF i felt something was missing, when i played Q3A CTF i missed some other things. Now all that stuff comes together. We'll see how it plays in the long run...

        OK, enough.


          Originally posted by Mouton View Post
          Are you crazy?! The sniper was way too overpowered in UT99. It's even a little too powerful to me in UT3. 60 intead of 70 would be better.

          There is so many things Epic said that haven't done. Lying studio of sh*t. They should have released for christmas instead with 1.0 being like how 1.1 final will be.

          I also don't know who were their beta tester. They are as worse as my mom on a PC.
          yea they ****ed up a couple things and forget to add basic stuff such as Copy/paste ,fav server list... I would of wait a few weeks...