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Dear Epic, A humorous (hopefully) letter.

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    Dear Epic, A humorous (hopefully) letter.

    Dear Epic,

    I hope you're happy. After being home for thanksgiving the past week, I came back to Fry's Electronics calling me telling me my Collector's Edition was ready for pick up. It was Saturday, and here in Arizona it was a freezing 30 degrees at 8:45 (They close at 9). I literally had not unpacked, nor did I change my clothes. In fact I walked to Fry's barefooted with only a thin white t-shirt, and jean shorts. I was not about to wait a whole extra day to play a game I've been awaiting for a long time.

    So, I freeze as I walk the 300 yards to Fry's. I then freeze as I come back to my dorms. Realizing that I can no longer feel my hands or other appendages, I take my temperature. It was 95 Fahrenheit. But that didn't stop me. I didn't have time to eat something warm. Nor did I have time to tell my roommate he needed to turn off the AC (68 DEGREES at nite? WTF!).

    Instead I played. And I played and played and played till I got my first crash (6 hours in? pretty **** good IMO). I then sat back, and realized I wasn't moving normally. I was lethargic.
    Upon taking my temperature again, I saw a resounding 92 staring at me in the face. It took me all day Sunday to get better.

    So thanks EPIC. My love for the Unreal Franchise gave me a case of Hypothermia.

    Perhaps this is revenge for me not liking Unreal 2.
    Truly Revenge is a dish best served cold.

    Geez man, you gotta take care of yourself! What good is having the game if you're too sick to play?

    Glad you're better.


      Nice one




          I think your brain made you ill so you can have time off school/work for more unreal.