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Got UT3 Collector's Edition! Mini Review!

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    Got UT3 Collector's Edition! Mini Review!

    Just throwing out my mini-review here...

    UT3 is what I was looking forward to. The graphics are amazing, and all the levels each have their own identity which is nice. Weapons are balanced about the same as UT2k4, and as far as the game being a little slower I don't even notice the difference. I think if you're using dodge properly you won't have a problem with a little speed difference.

    The Collector's edition is worth it for me because of the UnrealED tutorials, but there's nothing else worth it, unless you like the tin box.

    The multiplayer is awesome, and the unique situations in some of the levels (like sandstorm VCTF) make for really cool battles. The single player is sort of a big joke though. It's weird when the main character is making jokes about the integrity of the story, like FLaGs and respawners. There are some parts of the story I liked though, like the Necris and nanoblack, it's not all bad. But Epic can't do much with the story since it's a multiplayer game with a single player add on.

    Taunts are just hilarious. It's unfortunate but funny that all the characters have the pelvic thrust and hola hoop. Like when Akasha pelvic thrusts and says "I will punish you!", or Bishop has some mono tone holy roller comment while he hola hoops. Lol, whatever, I just hope Epic was intending it to be hilarious.

    It's easy to pick on the game so lets focus on something cool, the vehicles. They're all different, and they're all really cool. Especially the scavenger, which rolls up into a ball like samus and rolls over noobs. While we're on a positive note don't forget hoverboard, which is frustrating when you get shot, but it's really an asset in those large maps.

    So in the end I love it. And I'm sure Epic will fix the dynamic music, and the low customization options, so I'm not going to complain about it.


    What I don't understand, is how Epic managed to make a good story in Gears of War, but sorta failed in UT3 single-player (at least from what I'm hearing).

    UT3 still looks a bit unfinished to me. If it was complete, there should be many sources praising it with loads of screenshots of the content. I still haven't seen any updates on this site.


      UT3 is more like UT2003, where it was a great game but there's lots more than can be done to make it better. Like UT2k4, either we'll have another UT release next year, or some patches and content that make up for it.


        but sorta failed in UT3 single-player
        The biggest problem I've heard (and no I dont own the game yet, so I don't know the entire story) is that they just dont justify being able to respawn enough. Its an absurd concept in any SP story driven game tbh. And I think UT is better off with just instant action and kick *** bots.