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I'm Getting Rid Of The Manta!!!

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    I love manta hunting even more than I did in UT2.


      Without th enew vehicles there's not much difference between UT2004 and UT3, oher then better graphics.. just play CTF, or UT2004


        Originally posted by Hedge-o-Matic View Post
        I love manta hunting even more than I did in UT2.

        Guess you wont be joining my server cuz there wont be a manta for you to use to run over people with muhahahahahaha nnyyyaaa


          Originally posted by UT3sysop View Post
          I can hardly wait till the author of SwapTool comes out with the UT3 version so I can get rid the manta. Noobs just use to run over people. It takes no f...'n skill to run over people!! With SwapTool I can get rid of the manta completely and swap it out for another vehicle lets say a Dark Walker or what ever. Ill do that on my server thats for **** sure as soon at it comes out!!
          dude... hold it for a second.

          phase 1: manta is overpowered.
          phase 2: get ridd of manta.
          phase 3: replace it with dark walker.

          ehm.. dark walker is the thing thats between the tank & the leviathan... dont think it's balanced to replace manta's with it... this simply doesnt make sense.

          manta's take some kind o skill. maby not in start game, but wait till people learn new tricks to defend themselves from it. i'd like to see you explain manta has no skill to some ut2004 top onslaught players.


            some maps like sinkhole don't seem to have avril but have bunch of mantas.


              In Sinkhole the AVRIL is on the second level of your base, just above the mantas.


                haha bclagge!

                HavokChaos here, or as you remeber that day on dust storm, vehicles are good for pushing idle players off the map!....cept..prolly..should fall with them..hahahah!

                Good times!