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Thank goodness

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    hahaha! yea, cheers Epic.

    thats really nice. i cant wait to get my copy (and my 8800gt )

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  • started a topic Thank goodness

    Thank goodness

    The game works so much better than the beta! I'm glad they improved it and I hope any patches they come out with improve it even more. I was worried it was blow me down to 20 fps again in Shangri-la but I'm getting 40 (max details/ 1680x1050). The one thing that hasn't changed is the resolution/performance ratio. 640x480 = 40 fps, 1680x1050 = 40 fps in the same areas, same details. And going from 1 --> 5 on the detail levels I only see a performance decrease of 3 fps! I can only conclude that this is a bad thing because if I'm getting those kind of framerates at max resolution, it should be better at lower resolutions! Or so says every other game's performance at differing resolutions. There is still some stuttering but its much less than before and I'm most happy about that. Here's to only improvement ahead
    (geez that's one hell of an upscale shot tag)