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why do we have to start over?

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    why do we have to start over?

    i just dont get it....... i got the feelin we have to start all over again.... so many good options and features UT2004 / UT99 had are all gone. Why is it not possible to just make the UI and features like in UT99/UT2004 and evolve the game to the next level. I cant understand why this wasnt done in all the time EPIC had to make this game.... other games like CoD seems to continue where they left when they release their new game, but with UT i got the feeling weve to go through all that stuff again... again months/year till the game feels REALLY finished :/ ...:<

    cant wait to see a REALLY finshed UT3!! :> ... but im just so affraid it will take too long... and that UT3 wont have many ppl playin it online... :<

    I would be more than happy for a simple recoloured UT2004 menu in UT3. Unfortunately the Epic folks probably wouldn't agree with me, and since it was one in the 'new' series of UT's (especially on consoles) it was remade.

    I'm pretty sure Epic will release patches to make up for everything that's missing in the UI as time passes.