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Ferg's Experience with UT3

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    Ferg's Experience with UT3


    When I first started up UT3, I decided to play through all the single player. The story is obviously retarded but, who the hell cares anyway. I was a bit sad not to see Gorge or Malcolm to fight along/against though. There aren't a lot of characters to choose from. The customization of your char is alright.

    The new engine or whatever is okay. I recently got myself a Dell XPS M1710 (1G RAM, Geforce Go GTX 7950). At 1920 widescreen resolution, 90% screen rendering and minimum detail (texture, etc.) I find 60fps constant in the busiest, most violent of events. This is fine for me, I didn't expect a desktop performance from a laptop. The settings screen didn't leave much options as most other games (I.E. Oblivion) otherwise I would optimize as much graphical quality without sacrificing fps.

    People kept talking about horrible menus, but I didn't have any problems. I mean, the login and whatever is sort of annoying but it wouldn't really **** me off to the point of alt-f4. The HUD is alright although it'd be nice if I can select a dot crosshair for all my guns. This can probably be done but I haven't really looked into it.

    What does **** me off though is the numerous amounts of crashes I've dealt with the game. I would play multiplayer deathmatch for maybe an hour and a half and it would seem to crash when chainging maps. Not only that but I would have to do a full reboot to get the game to start again. I'm hoping in future patches, they'd smooth this out because I can't imagine my system being the culprit of this annoying ordeal (updated drivers, etc.)

    Other than that, my only big gripe with the game is the lack of players online. Before this game I messed around with Quakewars. The day of release, there were enough servers and enough stupid heads to pick off that server selection wasn't even an issue. Sure, because of this, you'll have to find and favorite servers you know good players are playing on but there is a much bigger pool of competitors to fight against.

    Not so with UT3. First of all--it seems everyone and their mother uses Steam to locate servers (even non Valve games or whatever). I don't think UT3 supports this. I don't really care how but it would be real nice to see a **** ton of people playing UT3. Because, I'm really tired of playing games like Quakewars, Teamfortress.... All I want is a pure FPS deathmatch with a good community. Sometimes, I can't even find more than 4/10 servers.

    So stop reading this post and start playing, wtf.


    I Ferguson

    I kinda liked the story.


      I'm liking the campaign story myself, it really meshes in with a sorta post-tournament era. As for the crashes, I installed the beta drivers from nvidia and all my crashing/freezing during map loads ended. I'd definitely recommend trying them out.


        Have the latest drivers =\

        Maybe I should try even lower res or something though 1920 is my monitor's native resolution and I'm getting 60 fps =(