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bug found, screen resolution...

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    this was actually widely known in the beta. i experienced it as did many others. i have not had any such issues with the release version.

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  • started a topic bug found, screen resolution...

    bug found, screen resolution...


    I have found a bug in the UT3 Beta demo, I can't find any other thread about it.

    I can't change the screen resolution in the video settings in the game main menu. After a while, when I have tried to change the resolution (to a resolution that I am 100% sure that my monitor is compatible with) the menu show up again, but the resolution has not changed.

    I have tested a lot of the different resolutions, for example 800*600, 1024*768 and 1280*1024, so it seems that it's some bug within the game, and not the driver or anything.

    I had to change the resolution setting in the UTEngine.ini file, that did work actually.

    My graphics device is a GeForce 8800 GTS with the NVidia WinVista64 163.75 driver, I have also tried with 163.69, and it's the same thing.