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    Team Balance?

    How come there is no team balance. How can you have a game and not have it! Halo, 2142, CS and others have auto team balance. How come UT3 does not have the basic team balance implemented?

    There are a ton of basic components missing from this instalment of UT which still blows me away and makes me wonder, what where they thinking? At any rate there is a referance to team ballance in one of the ini's however we have not found a way to make it work in iCTF yet.


      AUTO Team balance is a bad idea, instead a command trigger for Team balance (there was a mod in previous game). Usually just saying "team" it should auto alert other to balance team. Unlike most of the game you stated, UT have a greater skill differential, 1 skill player can easily beat 10 newb, so you might wanna "select" the player to switch.

      Player connect/disconnect to server constantly, with auto team balance, then player in game would be switching team constantly, that would annoying. There should be team balance, just not AUTO. Tho, I personally never see the problem, since all you need to do is say "team" , and someone from the other team will surely switch to balance it out.


        we have a balance

        in utgame.ini its this section



          Heh, that's another VERY BASIC feature that every single game have but a very hyped one like UT3 doesn't have. No one understand why the hell it's still missing in retail version.

          Half the time there is always a team 5x better than the other one when playing Warfare or CTF. Often 3 or 4 players doing the whole team versus a full team of newbie doing nothing.

          Edit: @ theteck. Ok.. but we shouldn't have to mess inside the ini to find things like that. It should be inside the game available as a checkbox or anything like that. If only the "hardcore tweakers" which are less than 20% of the community is able to do that, then we'll see very few good servers online and the game will quickly die.