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Where are the HUGE maps?

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    Originally posted by Hickeroar View Post
    I have no clue where people get the idea that this is a port of a console game. The game was in development for PC first, released on PC first, has high-res textures that consoles can't fit in memory, and epic decided against cross-platform play to preserve the PC experience since that's their core audience.

    The only thing that is consolish about the game is the crappy menu system.

    For the console versions they very easily could have just lowered the detail on the maps to preserve file sizes so things would fit into memory. A few more polys here, a few less objects there, etc.

    I think the smaller level sizes was probably just a stupid design decision or because they rushed the game out the door (which seems more likely).

    In short: The console versions are ports of a PC game, not the other way around.
    hmm..... then again, YOU may be right.

    ah well, stuff pointing fingers. im going to play the demo, and open up Ventrilo into the UT3F channel.


      Originally posted by Crotale View Post
      Those were the examples I found. You really don't have to be a jerk about it, do you?
      Woah, somebody's buttons are easy to press. Maybe I should've put a little smiley face in my post.


        Sadly like everything else in this world. It's all about money. Plain and simple.