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We need UT3 to be more Customizeable

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    I want voice packs for ut3 and for bots

    I have been playing ut since the original ut99 and right up to ut2004. I have always enjoyed collecting voice packs for my player and for the bots. I even made a few of my own voice packs.

    To me being able to add voice packs to the game add extra flavor and kept me playing the game longer. I am not happy that I can't add my own voice packs for ut3. I may have to go back to playing UT2004.

    Please epic bring a patch that encludes voice pack customization for your player and the bots.


      Excellent thread ... lets hope that Epic takes some of these suggestions to heart to make a really great experience an amazing one. That is the Epic way (in the past) and I am sure that is what we were expecting. If they added in all this stuff on top of the deliciously great gameplay and graphics I don't think anyone would play any other shooter game. Lets definitely get that bot stuff back ... that was one of things that made this game so addictive and so easy to play for 10 hours straight before you ever looked up.


        I totally agree with you but you missed out game modes which me miss !!! like proper invasion !


          Voice Selection Menu with option for custom voices (just like UT2k4 would be fine)

          Speech Binder


          Scalable HUD



            Brilliant thread. Without the customisation possibilities (esp voicepacks) the game is already losing its shine.


              Nice thread!

              I feel that Unreal Tournament III is build too much thinking about console players and the way how to control/move the player model on game, settings things on menus and how to customize settings. On PC this have been peace of pie all the time. This is reason I feel all the time I am missing too much things what I got on Unreal Tournament 2004. And becouse there is missing dodge jumping - I am still playing only UT2004 on On-line.

              I am Onslaught lover and that was at one time only the reason I bought UT2004 after played demo first, and fell on love.. So my "bug -" or "wish list" reflect to it:

              - on HUD settings I cannot change opacy
              - I lost my player pointer under nodes, lines and objects (maybe simple fix is to put player green light pointers to top layers and all other below it)

              Browser [lobby]
              - list starts on lowest (biggest number) ping. On UT2004 the lowest ping number was on top and list continue below it. Simple to correct

              Key configuration [bindings]
              - I have red story about TAB key problems, but I control my player in other postion than default ASDW-keys, so I had huge problems with AltGr (down/ crouch). Problem could come from Logitech SetPoint, my WinXP x64 localization or non-USA keyboard settings. I get it to work.. First I binded this keys to my mouse and after this cheat back to AltGr and down/ crouch. Weird but it works now ;-) Button is not anymore "right Alt". It is now "left ctrl", lol
              - you lost all settings: key bindigs, volume settings, background music if not logged in or you drop there when playing local/ singleplay campaign

              - Hellbender driver seems to be in 3 permillage when driving. And the feelings is same in scorpion, manta, too. Now cicada is more easy than UT2004. Keep it!
              - Leviathan stucks on many places and the "opening by spacebar" do not work if the place is not even/ flat

              Special Edition Bonus DVD
              - they wasted half of DVD about lights. On on-line multiplayer game you rip first this kind of candies away. Candy is for singlegame players only
              - they just show how to build bored DM maps. I was interesting about how hight the player is, how hight the hinderance can be to allow player jump it over, how long player can jump, how to build Warefare (= Onslaught) maps and how to set random node pointers etc. Nothing. DM and light effects, LOL


                Need a voicepack menu

                WE NEED A VOICEPACK MENU. All the previous unreal tournament games have had voicepack menu's so we could create and add out own voice packs. I miss that and am very disappointed that it is missing in UT3. To me this makes UT have a lasting appeal when you can constantly change voice packs to keep things fresh.

                Please add a voicepack menu to your next patch.


                  I don't konw that this is mentioned before but what I really miss is a random maplist.
                  Now it's the same every time. I start with that map and than that map. Random would be nice or more like in Ut2004 where you can choose in which map you want to start.
                  This is needed in instant action, online players don't need this I think. One little check box can't be difficult to make.
                  Random maplist on/off.


                    poster @ genuis


                      Hey guys where are all the cool taunts and orders to teammates?You all remember way back when?We used to give our opponents the smack talk and verbal jabs after a headshot.I have been looking for the bindings to for your favorite keys but the settings just arent there.I would love to tell the bots to hold there position while i take the flag.It would be nice to not have the bots all follow me to the enemy base and tell me what they are going to do.I dont know about you but I dont understand German and spanish and babel fish isn't included with the game .I ore the box box open looking for the UI controls.I like the text to speech thingy but there is no control for that either .Well I mean there is a way to enable it but why do you have to sound like a 3 yr old girl in it all the time?
                      Hey someone give me a headsup maybe I'm just too **** old to see the stuff ? Don't get me wrong this game is is awsome eyecandy and it plays good and brings me back to 1999 in some ways ,but while they were trying to get back to there roots I wish they could have looked at the old UI too .Some of us old over forty croud just can't let go.
                      Please community give us a better UI.
                      I just hope the Ut gods hear our cry in the wilderness!
                      I love the game play don't getme wrong its fast the weapons for the most part are responsive the deemer is too easy to shoot down "denied" .I do although think that the maps can be a little too busy too many meshes.I also think there is a little lack of color and kinda drab but thats ok i would rather see the colored armour of the opponent than a colored blip above the player but what the hey we are dealing with console player bless their hearts.LOL I want the **** bot commands and a little more simplicity in the UI.I want to tell another opponent to kiss my ***!
                      Im in the court for the game but i think there are a few things that EPIC could have tweaked.
                      I want the old UT1999 with all the eye candy of the new capable code for the capable hardware.I have the hardware give me the UI and the Ai and the beautiful graphics that is possible .I have to say again i am happy with the beauty of the mapsand the art,I just want things to be where i left them in 1999...I know that is asking alot.I see greatness in this game for sure after the community get ahold of this there will be more mods and tweaks and code thrown around than in the two previous versions.I just think as a consumer that this game tried too hard to give the console people product.I believe that if it was a PC title alone it would have been chocked full of all that is lacking in the version.I love this series'and I know I'm not the most skilled player and not the most knowedgeable about code or all that makes an award winning game but I am a consumer all said and to win all the awards this game needs 20% more.


                        I agree with most of what the OP said, although I definitely don't want mixable voice packs-- same as I don't want mixable body parts. I like the game to seem somewhat serious, thanks.

                        Changes to the menus would really improve the game for me. I like the most immersive experience I can get, and disable as much as I can until I'm placed at a disadvantage. Being able to make everything smaller (I'm on a big monitor... and I know how to read) and with very high opacity would be awesome. And I could care less what my team-mates names are 99% of the time, and would like to have it optional. Perhaps three options: default, none, and simple (which would just have some symbol over their head so we don't go ape**** on our teammates).


                          I would like more graphical options such as AA/AF, motion blur, etc.