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    Graphics, effects, and inquiries

    Ok to just start off, Id just like to say to Epic, GRATS on a really fun game! There are bugs to work out, and the GUI aint that great, but the game itself is definetly what I was hoping for.

    My actual question is, I was under the impression that DoF and MB (Depth of Field, and Motion Blurring) was included in the game. There seems to be options for them in the .Ini as well. Problem is, with everything turned to "5", or just plain maxed out, I have yet to notice any DoF or MBing.

    These two effects are, IMO, very awesome and add a lot to the game. I was looking forward to them. But cant seem to turn them on (if thats even possible). For instance, not even when Im zoomed in with the sniper rifle, or any other gun.

    Im running Core2 6600, 2 GB ram, 8800 GTX in Windows XP, so as far as I know, I should be able to have these effects enabled. Gears of War for instance, had both effects turned on and working well on my machine.

    Anyone have any insight on whether or not these effects work? Or how to enable/force them?

    Sorry for the semi-long post. Loving the game, but was just really looking forward to these things working.

    Thanks for any help you guys can offer !

    go vista and use dx10


      "go vista and use dx10"

      Ok well thank you for the suggestion. But do you have any more info?

      IE: Are DoF and MB disabled in WinXP/DX9?
      Are they only accessible on Vista/DX10?

      Because both of these effects are perfectly capable of running in DX9, so I dont understand why it would be DX10 only.

      Can someone else confirm that DoF and MB are working in DX10 mode?
      There must be a way to force them on in DX9 if thats the case.

      Personally I wont be upgrading to Vista anytime soon or atleast until a LOT more Vista bugs are ironed out. So if DoF and MB are DX10 only and cant be forced in DX9, then I guess Im out of luck. :P

      But any info would be appreciated. Especially if someone can confirm that they do in fact work in DX10 and not DX9.



        Vista sux
        There is DOF, just it's not very pronounced. As for mblur - I didn't see it as well, yet it worked well in GoW though.


          Motion blurring and DOF are both included in DX 9. Unreal Tournament 3 just uses them a little bit so it doesn't screw up your view.