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Job well done !

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    Job well done !

    Had the full version, CE, since yesterday, and I must say, I have to say, that u guys really really did an amazing job on getting this game together. Everything is perfect, and plays extremely well. So far I havent had a single crash or problem whatso ever, even with my somewhat outdated specs - AMD dual Core 4800+, 2G RAM and 7800GTX.
    Its obvious that u guys put in a whole lotta hell of ur time to get this game as close to ur dreams u wanted. I want to congratulate u guys with a job extremely well done and thank u for the amazing amount of hours u spent on developing it, and Im sure u had fun doing it.
    Yeah, we have some things to fix still, and it will be, and then Im sure it will be the most top game of the list, which wouldnt be very far to reach.

    Thanks again u guys. I just had to say it....

    Edit : I think this deserves a sticky btw....Should be top post...

    Thank u ! U guys are amazing !!!1