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    My DVD label also says "UT3_RC7". This is the Australian release.

    Poor form Epic.


      Originally posted by [209] View Post
      i got the same label, and play the game it's really not finished yet, still some bugs in it so RC7 would be a correct way to label it
      Actually, a release candidate is deemed good enough for release.. it's not something like "alpha/beta" (that's earlier in development). Being a release candidate doesn't imply that it has bugs (though in large software projects like this, it inevitably will but that's a different topic), it just means that it's (one of the) final builds before release.


        Originally posted by Simeon View Post
        Well I think it was released in March 2004... that's somewhat after xmas yes
        There's a difference: when you're almost ready to release for christmas, you release for christmas. When you're a few month away from release still at christmas, you forget about christmas.

        Essentially it's a situation of weighting missing the christmas sales versus ******* off customers with bugs.