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Yeah got my copy.

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    Yeah got my copy.

    Well first impressions,installed ok no pausing while playing as far as i can see.

    Also Love the movie part in single player,had one crash on me but i think that was my fault,i lowered the volume down on the keyboard button while the singleplayer movie was playing and caused a sound stutter and crash.

    But overall i`m very happy with the game,menu system suxs but prob epic needed to get the game out for the xmas rush.(thats where they make the most money i guess.)

    As we all know epic are good supporters with there games so we will get fixes and prob a couple of bonus packs

    Also i like the new layout on the editor
    Def glad i bought it now.

    Just hope server admins dont clog this up with tones of mutators and stupid sound packs,and anti cheat stuff that causes pauses within the game while it checks.

    Anyway see you all on the battlefield

    And can u join online matches, couz there are ppl that cant join to any match


      Yep i have no probs joining online games.
      The only prob i had was the silly gamespy setup to accept my email,but besides that online runs great.

      {edit]Btw the only thing i dont understand is when i ping the servers for the first time i get high to low ping servers,hmm it should be low to high imo.


        Don't mean to kidnap your thread. But what all this fixing that needs to be done. I wonder does the full game have some kind of screen or tab where updates will be posted?
        I think it was "News" in UT2004.


          All games encounter bugs here and there,so ut3 wont be no differnt.
          So far it`s been ok for me but many others cannot run it or play online.

          Also yes there is a community section that will show all the latest news and updates.