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Story: not only a clifhanger, but also just plain bad *spoilers*

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    Story: not only a clifhanger, but also just plain bad *spoilers*

    In case anyone wonders: this is a short thread about the story in UT3. If you HAVEN'T played the game / finished it, don't read.

    Now, straight to the point. The ending is plain bad. Not only is it a cliffhanger ending, it's also silly. Like the entire Necris army wasn't aware that Ronin were around blowing stuff up? So, in order for them to figure out where the booms and bangs are coming from, the Necris had to ask Malcom? Come on...

    Please Epic: UT doesn't need a story mode to be entertaining in it's own. The previous versions were fine... not really because of the story, but because of the gameplay. Bots were good (human-like), gameplay was fun, and all was good.

    This time it feels like you're trying desperately hard to put in some story, because you found out a lot of people who bought the game didn't play on-line. Well, I'm not one of those people (I did log in), but I played rarely. The "Liandri tourney" idea was fine, and it was enough. Just get the maps rolling, and it's fine.

    Now, I'm going to bet that the follow up to the story will be like this:
    - team up with one of the factions again (or start your own little squad)
    - fight all the factions again from scratch
    - fight the guy who killed sis
    - fight Malcom

    Doesn't that look... well, the same, predictable? In this part the only difference is that there's just one target, while in the next we'll have two (the Necris commander and Malcom).

    BTW: so, you put in a story mode, but forgot about Assault? Hmm... weird. I'd swear that if you really really want a story, then that mode would fit the story best (with proper maps and such).

    big deal this game is primarily a multiplayer game... the campaign is more of a tutorial than anything else... they just decided to give it a story to make it interesting


      I agree. You're right.

      But such attempts at making a story just make my eyes bleed.