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2nd Impression: Um.... this is it?

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    Sorry OP, I'll have to disagree with you I'm afraid, especially on the "$3k computer is needed lololollol" comment, I have a mid end PC, (Intel Core 2 Duo E4500, 1GB Ram, Ati X1950XT, XP etc), and I can play the game at either 1280 x 800 at 45fps + with ease, or 1680 x 1050 at 35+ fps (I use the latter for SP stuff, the former for Online), it looks great, plays great and feels like what UT needed, a complete refresh.

    The only concern is the UI, which is horrible, the UT2k4 menu system/UI was brilliant, and while I acknowledge that Epic wanted a different feel for UT3, their changes have not worked well, but then, they know that and are fixing it, so all is well.


      the thing about mods is:
      When the cheating gets out of hand and people start using stuff like anti-tcc again, how are those protections going to figure out that the mod you're using is valid or not. (e.g I wish to use a mod that completly does away with the current gui and replaces it with a windows like gui, transparent over the curent gameplay, etc...
      Now when one of those tools check if you're using the original files, you'll have to go back to that screen where it looks like a red **** has been dragged all over the screen, and can't even see what's going on in the game while looking at the chat, etc...


        Originally posted by Easthawk9 View Post
        OK, so after playing for about three hours now, I'm trying really hard to like this game, bu I'm afraid, sad, depressed... cause it just doesn't cut it. I'm beginning to think the scompany strategy was to lose all former lovers of UT and create a completely new game and attract a new audience. Fine. I wish them luck.

        u never played ut99 did you?

        god what a stupid post...


          Originally posted by Easthawk9 View Post
          OK, so after playing for about three hours now, I'm trying really hard to like this game, bu I'm afraid, sad, depressed... cause it just doesn't cut it. I'm beginning to think the scompany strategy was to lose all former lovers of UT and create a completely new game and attract a new audience. Fine. I wish them luck.

          But this is not UT. So, what is it? Well, it's a lot of bloated, overly-designed vehicles and environments (whatever happened to "form follows function"???), massively-textured yet weirdly cramped and claustrophobic maps ...dripping with detail and filled with CPU-sucking graphics that have apparently no reason for existence beyond a) making you feel like you have to go out and spend another $3K on video cards, RAM, etc., in order to even PLAY the game, b) making the game look goth and dark and kewl to an eleven-year-old brain, c) trading in all the brilliant gameplay, ingenious maps, tactics, aiming and shooting capability, and all the fluid interaction of UT2004 for.... um, something we might charitably call a "lesser effort".

          I'm going to hang in there for a few weeks and give it a real try... but right now, I gotta say... I would have thought it would require a mad genius to destroy of the greatest games of all time (UT2004) and actually devise a way to destroy it, ....while all the time marketing it and disguising it as a BRILLIANT success. But they did it. They succeeded. UT is dead. Long live that... um... other thing. I wish it some luck. Though i see dark clouds gathering in the distance. Oh wait, those aren't dark clouds... those are faces of millions of ****** off UT lovers... and they;re coming this way.

          MY UT days may finally be over.
          Sadly, Easthawk9, I have to agree with you on this one. The details are GREAT! I turned everything to max and though, This looks really good! Then I started playing and had to turn everything to minimum--though I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to go below 1400X900.

          Yes, the game feels like UT99, but therein lies the problem. It barely shows the game-play aspects of UT2K4, aside from double-jump--well, this isn't entirely acurate, theres double-jump, wall dodges, dodges, but nothing ~NEW~ to add the to the field)

          In all truth, I see more negatives than I do positives, just as you do, East. However, my biggest problem with this game is that if you don't have a supported Dual core, you're S.O.L. in multi-player unless you've one hells of a rig, running around is fine but once the fighting starts the lag gets expoentially worse--so bad even that its almost as if I'm on 56k when I have DSL. If there was some way to fargo that problem without paying 1-2K for the parts, I'd find the game more pleasing.

          Also, the lack of invasion annoys me to no avail. Seriously Relic!

          Don't get me wrong though, UT99 was groundbreaking when it came out. UT2K3 added on that, and 2K4 on top of that, so why is UT3 going against that and simply casting aside much of what was added in 2K4?

          Alas, the design outweighs the outcome here. Much work was spent on the physics, particle effects, models, textures, and lighting, but the game-play its self is sub-par to what was accomplished from UT99 to UT2K3. However, they did, if anyone noticed, add in features of UT99 in the form of the jump boots and picking up armor.

          Alas, I think I'm going back to UT2K4 for a while. I miss the Mon'tak, and all the sexy models that people have made over the years--Felina comes to mind--and I can actually play that.

          Most of all it is important to remember that people like different things, if only there were more pros than cons with my subjective experience.

          ~~On a side note, UT99 was fun when I played it. I'd just like to see some new and exciting features instead of breeding UT99 with UT2K4 and making something of a mix between the two instead of an advancment to both. I don't feel anything new was produced with this title, and hence I get the feeling that I simply bought something that wasn't new or exciting at all--hells they REMOVED more than they added!


            Jaysus I don't know what game you guys are playing! I've bought all UT's the day that they came out and I think UT3 is fantastic!! It is a great addition to the series.


              Originally posted by Nintakuhunter View Post
              Where have you been the last couple of years, it has been known for ages ever since the game was called Envy that UT3 was going back to the roots taking away some of the console like beat em up button combination kind of play. They delivered what they had promised. And all this about custom characters etc, did 2k4 have them when it was released?


                even tho i dont have the full game yet, judging by the demo i really think theyve done a great job with this UT


                  Originally posted by Number1SuperGuy View Post
                  It's the same old UT with a new coat of paint. The Menus and HUD need some work but they've already released information on a patch that fixes all of the things the community has been upset about.

                  Nobody's forcing you to play it, if you don't like it go back to UT99 and quit crying.
                  they told us to wait a year to get single player, but sp is more than bad.
                  i dont know who was creating ui, but he has never played ut99 before.
                  They told us that pipedswitchweapon will be included in full realese but it isnt....
                  they didnt realese dedicated server, so i can tell u they werent ready. I dont know what they were thinking to release game when many good games are released eg. crysis, cod4. they should fix everything before release and prepare ded. servers.
                  they are selling not game, but engine...


                    Originally posted by 3leggedFreak View Post

                    Of course it had custom characters, you don't know about the time machines do you?


                      Originally posted by Im a Chef View Post
                      well good for you remember when 2k4 came out how bad it was and it developed to one of the greatest UT's well this will become the same way if you give it time and thats what most of the people are doing and so am I. Yes there are a few things that are missing but down the road I bet you that this will be the best FPS out there for PC
                      I think you mean how badly UT2k3 was. UT2k4 fixed a ton of problems that UT2k3 had, and provided a lot of content updates.

                      Epic could have just made UT2k3, and then stopped developing for the game. But guess what. They created several patches over time, UT2k4, and then a Mega Bonus Pack.

                      I think it's kind of ironic people complaining about the current state of UT3, is very similar to people complaining about the state of UT2k3 when it first came out. The doom and gloom. It seems a lot of people have no idea that patches will come, and bonus packs, and the further refinement and content updates that comes with it.


                        This kind of stuff inspires people to create their own version of what they would like unreal tournament 3 to be.

                        Im glad they made it a bit sucky because then people will create great content for this game or even make their own game.