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A question about game features

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    A question about game features

    Now I had read in reviews that this game was going to be called Unreal Tournament 2007? When was the decision made to change the name and WHY did they do it?

    Also why was Epic so tight lipped about the specs for the game and what it would take to play the game? I have a Nvidia 6200 but I think my processor is only 2.0, dont know if I can play the game or not. You can't take it back to the store from what I understand if it does not work. Forgive me but not being a tech type guy...

    I also want to know did they remove the voice technology from this game? In UT 2004 you could give voice commands to the bots, is that feature still going to be in UT3? I had read a review where they said they were tweaking the voice commands when talking to bots. Is that feature still on the game>

    There's an interview about why they changed the name, and you'll just have to search for it.

    Epic has not been tightlipped about the requirements for the game. Public system requirements have been out for over two months. You can also download the demo to see how it runs on your PC.

    There is voice technology in the game, but I don't know how sophisticated it is in this game. I haven't been using it, personally.