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Quad core vs 2

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    Originally posted by Im a Chef View Post
    how much wattage is your power supply?

    EDIT: Actually what do you have right now for your specs including the power supply.
    A OCZ 600W. But the thing is, i will soon have 2 hard drive. 1 150G western digital and another raptor WD 150G. Plus a 8800GTX, 2G RAM 1066mhz.


      Actually the processor won't any affect on the power supply so you could go with the quad core. I bought a 750 just for some extra storage down the road. Go with the quad you will like it.


        Originally posted by bclagge View Post
        For the record, whenever I use search it tells me my search doesn't meet the minumum number of words (4) even when I have many words typed. It only seems to work when you search for a very specific word.
        For the record, it's not 4 words, it's 4 letters per word

        So if you write "PC" it won't find anything. But if you write "comp" or "computer" it will.



          Is the best source of info on this tricky question. Quads seem to have an edge - but a fast dual core is better than a slow quad, and overclocking complicates things further.