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Low online population for PC?

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    Originally posted by CaptainZap View Post
    [rant]I just got done playing, and I think I remember why I play offline alot.... Too many kiddy arseholes with pimpley hormone problems spaming up the chat while playing with nothing but insults and utter hatred. I wish there was a filter for pimple-face morons. They ruin the game. What ever happened to sportsmanship? These kids are lucky I'm not their parent. I'd pull out my leather belt and beat the living **** out of them. [/rant]
    Originally posted by sambo. View Post

    it's why i'm switching back to UT. some other games are just 99% populated by retarded, hacking, foul mouthed clowns.

    i can live without 'em tyvm.
    Originally posted by TPSFan View Post
    This is the irony for some of us older video game fans (I am 33).

    We love video games... But so do the idiot 13-year olds who just learned how to curse and who are going through the "hate mom/dad/world" phase.

    Games are made for kids... But appeal to a lot of adults. Adults like us who grew up with the gaming industry dating as far back as the ATARI 2600, and others. We've seen the evolution of this form of entertainment and technology these retards (kids) take for granted. Plus, we're just more mature. We have more life experience and know the realities of the world. This is just a video game... And it doesn't define us (make us "cool", or "leet").
    Originally posted by sambo. View Post
    hi, i'm *****. i'm 34 and i'm a computer game junkie.

    if i could, i'd run a server with a minimum age of 25.
    Good comments. I'm 51. For those who want to play on servers where good games, sportsmanship and friendship are valued and where we try to keep the foul-mouths at bay and the asshats away, there are servers (like mine in the U.S.) that are out there.