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    Multiplayer performance

    Hey all.

    Can play the campaign mode at a nice, playable FPS with all full settings (5/5) at 1024x768 res. System specs etc at the end of this post.

    It's great fun. I just tried the multiplayer and connected to various servers, with various game-types and noticed the same problem on all of them.

    When I fire a weapon, it takes a second for me to see the ammo coming out of the weapon. When I shoot somebody, by the time the ammo is where they were to me, they're miles away.

    Is it just me? I am on 20Mb broadband so the connection is fine etc. I am however behind a router and have no ports opened. Perhaps someone could advise which ports need to be opened for UT3.

    So basically, is this multiplayer lag something others are experiencing?
    What ports does UT3 utilise?

    System details:
    OS: Windows Vista x64
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 @ 2.6GHz
    RAM: 4Gb DDR800
    Graphics: Radeon X1950 Pro


    I don't seem to experience lag online unless I am uploading files. Though this does happen sometimes with a lot of servers. It really just depends on the ping you have to the servers. Check to make sure that you're not firewalled (that's always a pain because even if you disables firewalls they like to act anyway). Also, I think the ports UT3 uses are in the manual, but I'll post the IPs it uses for me real quick:,
    And for Gamespy stuff to work, you need to let IGN do it's work on from IPs:

    Hope you figure it out


      Welp. You going to notice a significant drop of fps from single player to multiplayer. Just try to get on servers with the small amount of ping. I am also behind a rounter, but I didn't do ne portforwarding. What is your average fps on a 12 players or less/less then a 100 ping server?