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Account, LAN and character customization

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    Account, LAN and character customization

    Hi guys,

    I've got some minor questions. Perhaps you can help me.

    1) Is it possible and/or allowed to make 2 profiles with one serial key with which I log in at the same time to play together with some friends over a local area network?

    For example I make two profiles Harry and Eberhart (really interesting german first name ^^) and log in to the online thingy and one hosts a lan game and the other one joins.

    So... (possible && legal) || (possible && !legal) || (!possible && !legal) ??? ^^

    2) I haven't thought about character customization when I started the game and the campaign. After some hours I wanted to change my char and he said me that I would delete my old one if I create a new one. Does this mean that I only lose my character customization or that I also lose some savegames or something like this? Would be some kind of strange but I want to be cautious.

    Thanks for your help. I'm looking forward to it

    @Epic: You made a really great game. I love it! ... And the videos of the ce are really cool

    Does really noone know this? <Push>


      Only one way to find out, give it a go, some games allow you to play on a LAN using one CD Key, some (Notably, All games hosted on the STEAM platform), do not, if it lets you, then Epic allow it and it is fully legal, if it fails, Epic have a one CD Key/One PC at a time policy.

      As for the possibility of more than one profile on one PC< as you say, only one profile is usable at one time, so if you logged on as the other account, you would lose your campaign details when you switch, a bit weird, but hey, that's life.