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Things i miss about previous games...

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    Things i miss about previous games...

    I really liked UT3, definitely one of the better games of the year, but i definitely had some big problems with it... if i had to score it id probably do a 7-8/10

    1) Where is the tournament ??? i missed picking teammates with different skills, forming the ultimate team, taking on other teams, etc. the single player engrossed me almost as much as the multi.

    2) Warfare/vehicles in general. maybe this is something everyone else loves, idk, it was a problem in 2004 but it was a little more limited. The vehicles in this game are crazy and make being on foot a huge pain. pretty much every vehicle can one-shot an infantry soldier with very little effort. or just run them over. Warfare with vehicles and CTF with vehicles was such a huge pain in the *** everytime i played it during the single player campaign and i can only imagine it gets worse when the opponents can aim and drive 100x better. This was magnified by the poor AI that didnt really seem to understand how to play warfare properly, and didnt follow any of the orders i gave them, another thing previous games did very well.

    I loved the entire UT series because of the first person shooter game, the incredible deathmatch, team deathmatch , and CTF maps, assault was a lot of fun too. I just feel like they tacked on vehicles because halo has them or something. Could definitely do without .

    3) Small interface/menu things. For instance, in previous games, you could see exactly who your opponents were, how many, etc before entering a game. Now you get the description of the map and the game type and thats about it. i see the sticky at the top saying they know the UI isnt perfect yet, so i wont talk about it too much.

    overall a really fun game, but i definitely miss the older tournament style single player games, the cutscenes in this one were great but the whole "war" thing really didnt fly with me personally. The detailed char descriptions and bio's from previous incarnations were incredible and added a lot of depth to the fights. Romulus vs remus, the robots that acheived revolution, the bloodthirsty frankenstein guys, the iron guard, etc etc etc.

    felt too much of gears of war and not enough UT. Just because you made a great game in gears of war doesnt mean you should just make clone after clone.

    im sure these things have been said before, just wanted to show my personal spin of things.

    most of my problems are with the single player, and i know this is a huge multiplayer game so maybe its not a huge deal, but they already had a great stencil to go on, and they messed with the basics and i think it pushed a perfect game down a few notches , still a great game though.

    Re 2: I've found that being a foot soldier in the game is no problem at all. I've regularly killed vehicles with foot soldier weapons. I've even killed a couple darkwalkers and various flying vehicles. The minigun is your best friend when it comes to dealing damage to vehicles.

    Re 3: Everyone knows about the Meny and UI issues. This is being fixed by epic and the new beta patch had already addressed several issues.


      Well it shouldnt be called Unreal Tournament if its nothing to do with a tournament.

      Its too much like gears of war so id call it gears of war 2.


        To halsfield,

        I'd also like to see a single player tournament mod for this game. Hopefully a mod developer will make one. I don't have any problem with the single player campaign as it is, but in the future I'd like to see a single player tournament ladder mod-- especially if Xan, Brock and Malcom are brought back to the game.


          This is what I want to see. An Epic made and polished expansion that follows the aftermath of Unreal Tournament 3. A full blown tournament in season All I have to say is:



            I agree to most of your post halsfield, I do miss the tournament aspect and the picking the chars for your team, i do kinda wish they had expanded that even more but i hardly played the Single Player side of UT2004 anyway so its no big loss really.

            The vehicles can be taken out easily with the Stinger, problem there is that alot of people feel the stinger is too powerfull when it comes to killing players on foot and not vehicles. Maybe they will weaken the primary but keep the secondary the same, as i did find the secondary better at taking out vehicles, if you are having trouble give it a go and see.

            totally agree about the UI and Server browser, but they have stated they are fixing the server browser, and as you can see from the patch notes for the beta 1.01 patch that they are sticking to their word. I do believe they mentioned about fixing the UI so im not fussed about the current UI if it ends up being changed, the concern i have is for the lack of configurability, im a widescreen user. but obviously im happy to hear they are putting in a FOV option but there is still alot more options that could have been in that were there from previous UT's.

            As for the Gears of War comments, wtf? I mean come on, because the game doesnt have a Tournament single player and the graphical style is similar to GoW means it should be called Gears of War 2 even though everything else in the game is similar to previous UT's. I mean if because of it not having the Tournament then Yeah i suppose it isnt "Unreal Tournament" without the tournament but they could hardly call it Unreal... It was perhaps a bad decision not to have a tournament Single Player but the way i see it is this, you are the contender and the Tournament is online, there will be plenty of compo's you can take part in at some point and you can make a clan aswell with real people if you want to. Not many people played previous UT's for the single player story, most just wanted to play multiplayer, offline or online.

            Its funny because alot of people look at UT3 and think it just looks like Gears of War because of it using the same Engine, which from the start was designed for Unreal Tournament (or maybe another Unreal ), you know its called UNREAL ENGINE 3 Not Gears Engine 3 or whatever. Its called Unreal Tournament 3 because it is far more similar to UT99 and UT2K* than it is to Gears of War. That is why it is called Unreal Tournament 3 even if it doesnt have a Tournament story, it just Isnt anything like Gears of War.

            The original Half Life was built using the Quake 1 engine, with code from Quake 2 (source: Would you call Half Life Quake or Quake 2? I think not, they are completely different even though they were using the same engine. Yes half Life's engine was an updated one compared to even Quake 2 never mind Quake. But UE3 is also updated, just not as much as it hasnt been as long between GoW and UT3 compared to Quake 2 and Half Life Or even Q1 and HL.

            Bioshock did look different in most places, which goes to show how flexible UE3 is but if EPIC are happy with the visual style in GoW i have no objections to it in UT3, I like the graphics myself. Just because something looks the same doesnt mean it is the same. I dont believe bioshock played like GoW...

            sorry for the long post.


              no issues with being on foot against vehicles. Very satisfying working over a goliath on foot or impact hammering a manta that is trying to relentlessly crush you. Even the dreaded darkwalker can be taken out by foot. All the weapons can be effective against vehicles, it just requires the person on foot to have their head on a swivel and know when to use what weapon. The only vehicle that really can't be taken out by foot(without help) is the leviathon.


                see my sig guys


                  i loved it personally, but i only played it for an hour or so at my cousins house. I didn't have time to fiddle with the UI or the Serverbrowser. Good thing us console gamers are used to less options (though i do play the classics on pc, and love them)