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    Hey there, i just got the game and all i can say is: Its incredible. Definately the best game i've ever played, i think! It looks gorgeous, yes some maps overdo the blur but when you look at a map like necropolis...amazing.

    However i was playing it a minute ago and i just had to close it, something was driving me crazy. It was this:


    I played as a krall (so had krall team mates) and they said this about every other SECOND. Its driving me insane. Sometimes they would repeat it three times consecutavly...then id get about 5 seconds peace and theyd start it again..'incoming...' ARGH!!!

    Epic whats going on here you hav to stop this its incredibly annoying. It happened on sandstorm too with the robots...they kept saying it so much my head hurts. Please make the bots shut the hell up a bit more and give only useful information, instead of standing there watching a manta coming at them going "incoming...incoming......incoming" until it clips their head of in an attemp to shut them up!

    Really, this game is amazing so congratulations...just dont overlook these little things that can make someone want to throw their computer out the window.

    Oh and while im here id like to say i think you should remove the red lining that destroyed vehicles/parts get it looks really ugly.

    Viper and scavenger amazing vehicles well done.

    Im gunna go get an aspirin....

    Afaik that issue have been fixed in UT beta patch v1.01.

    Taken from UT3 beta patch changelog:

    # AI: Improved bot AI with darkwalker.
    # Tweaked bot voice message frequencies.
    # Bot aiming tweaks.