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So I just played UT99, UT2K4 and UT3 in order (Instagib).

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    So I just played UT99, UT2K4 and UT3 in order (Instagib).

    This isn't the first time I've played either of the games, but I wanted to play them back to back to see how I'd feel.

    I can honestly say UT3 feels the best out of the three when played back to back. UT99 felt great, and DIDN'T feel dated. It actually felt really good. All the **** mods that people add on now ruin the game though. I liked it when it was "pure" with a moderate mod or a custom map.

    UT2k4 felt good but the shock rifle felt really weak compared to UT99 and UT3. It just didn't have as much of a "powerful" feeling to it. Not sure. The game still felt good, but for some reason felt more dated than UT99.

    UT3 actually feels great compared to the other two. Everything seems to be spot on, except if I dodge + turn and fire the Instagib rifle quickly, it seems like the beam doesn't go exaclty where I point it, but rather on a diagonal to the direction I was coming from (hard to explain). Also, the crosshair turning red is extremeley annoying. I'll have some dead-on shots and not get the kill. This seems to happen over and over, even when I had 43 ping on a server.

    Anyway, I'm still very happy with UT3, and if the two issues I mentioned get ironed out (at least the hits not registering) I'll be a VERY happy camper. Not a camper in the game, lol, you know what I mean

    Just thought I'd post my experience after playing all three in a row. Once the patches kick in for UT3 it's going to be great for many years to come IMO.

    ut99 DOM is the greatest. period.