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    this patch....

    would be nice if i could get the game to friggin launch!!!

    i have done every thing i could find to do on this bug and nadda...

    please fix this soon why release a product that is not fulling finished. its like the same thing with ut2003 which was tossed and a whole new game came out called ut2004!!! ut does not have a good track record for this kinda thing...

    so how about making a patch and call it ut4?


      Originally posted by KewlAzMe View Post
      Beta patch did some good things..

      For future patch:
      - Any way we can stop the "Loading Main Menu" after exiting a game? Or mainly I'd like to see the option to browse/join other servers while playing in an existing server.

      Sometimes you are playing and then you want to go somewhere else, if that new server has a lot of custom packages, UT and UT2004 would let you keep playing on the current server while the download counter would show on your screen (the center was a bad place for it, but it worked)

      I'd like to see this functionality back and be able to do things without have to go all the way back to main menu just to change to a different server.
      I totaly agree !!! This is a must !!