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Last concern about the stinger.

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    In the top 10 - By total kills:

    1 with stinger @ #1
    7 with stinger @ #2
    2 with stinger @ #3

    Rox is #1 in all their stats. Attributed to the "in your face" maps of this game.

    Of the two who had stinger @ #3, one had Flak, and the other Shock @ #2 (inconsistent)

    Bering in mind, that people say most of these maps don't cater to the stinger, being not as "wide open" as 2kx, the fact that is it getting that much effective use says volumes to me.

    Also, the fact that Elix, who was known for his ridiculous shock beam skills has 1.Rox, 2.Stinger, means shock is not by any means out of balance.


      Again, Suspense is very stinger friendly. Everyone picks it up immediately. Play some different maps, where stingers aren't at every pickup, and you will see many other weapons get their due.

      Especially illustrated in the Warfare maps where each node has different weapon pickups.

      As was already stated, every weapon has strategies that take advantage of it's strengths. There are also strategies to combat them.
      If you're in an open area, flak cannon owns stinger.
      If you're in an building area, shock or flak owns stinger.
      If you're medium range, sniper or shock owns stinger.
      If you're long range, stinger sucks.
      Unless it's a skilled person using it, then ALL vehicles own stinger.

      I'm not saying the stinger isn't strong. I'm just saying it's not too strong, and it helps newbies enjoy the game. Before I had mastered (too a degree) the other weapons in the game, the stinger helped keep me on the scoreboard. So if it helps make the game more fun for a larger group, then I'm all for it.


        Even if I agreed to you saying those weapons could beat the stinger in said situations, I would never say they "own" it.

        ...and there in lies yet another problem with the stinger. It's so easy to hit with, that even if you aren't maximizing it's damage potential, you are still doing good enough damage to cripple anyone you go up against with it.


          someone with a steady arm and a trained eye can be just as deadly with a sniper rifle.

          watch out for me, b1tch3s!


            Health is scattered everywhere. And if you go head-to-head with someone good using any weapon you're going to be hurt. I admit, I like it in UT2k4 that once I finally got good, I could play some matches and never die because I owned everyone there. With the stinger it's no longer the case, which is more fun for everyone.

            And like Green Day said, someone proficient with just about any weapon will own plenty of people using a stinger.


              wow all this complaining over one weapon who cares. Every UT the stinger a beem a good weapon just let it be, you can complain all you want epic aint going to change and if you hate getting killed by it don't play online, play some instant action thats what its there for. If you say the stinger is bad then every other gun should be bad to. Epic dis a fine job with the weapon system so what is it has 100 rounds or more whats going to happen when you run out and the person your facing is still standing huh your going to get your a$$ handed to you very simple. Its just a game get a grip if you don;t like getting owned by a certain gun turn the game off, very simple.


                can we just drop it, i think the poor dead horse has been kicked enough. stinger is ok as is. People have been complaining about the mini/stinger for too long. since ut99 days if i remember correctly. I think that people complain about it because they don't like being killed by weapons that they "think" are noobish. It's ok if they flak spam, combo *****, triple rocket kill, but if you kill them with the mini it's like an attack on their ego. People use whats effective. If you are low on health then you better believe that someone is gonna use the mini gun to finish you off. What's next, nerf the redeemer because you can fly it around and kill a bunch of people with one hit?


                  amen to that kill thats says it all


                    oh how surprizing, another thread about stinger
                    and then the usual no-clue-crew writing back endlessly "stinger is perfect, leave it as it is, you must be noob anyway, flame flame troll troll bs.."

                    stinger is ruining open areas gameplay, especially vctf and warfare, because of its insane long range
                    no-clue-crew should stop thinking duel mod is the only one, and stfu

                    edit : hey look below, a troll *rollineyes*


                      you guys get so hiped up on a game


                        when i see a stinger user i hide behind a tree


                          No see I don't follow that "one easy weapon for the noobs" logic... All the weapons should be able to get the occasional easy kills, it shouldn't be about one gun for the noobs to get to "get there's." If that is the case, the problem hits competition when those organized games, become about controlling one gun over the others. Especially a gun that is not fun to use, or watch used.

                          Like when the competitive community finally realized that newnet + 2k4 shock beams actually changed gameplay. It took them like 3 years to figure it out. I don't wanna wait that long for the stinger.

                          I don't care about dying to the stinger, I care about having to use the stinger more often than I should to do well, and keep up. It has nothing to do with ego, and everything to do with me having fun.


                            I don't mind the stinger. Its the flak cannon that bothers me. Doesn't seem to have the punch it used to. Anyway, it depends on the game type your playing. The stinger usually isn't in the weapon racks on several maps so I guess it kinda evens out since its rarely handed to you upon spawning.


                              Yey another Stinger thread, maybe Epic will pay attention to this one.
                              The stinger is just too powerful, atleast half of the UT community thinks so,
                              The combination between an extremly powerful gun and something which is so easy to use is deadly atleast the shock combo requires some sort of skill usually a noob pullling off the shock combo stays still all the time, but even a noob can jump around whilst killing wid the stinger.


                                It appears to me that half of the posts in this thread state that the stinger is OP, while the other half say either that "the world is super who needs discussions" or that the good players don't use the stinger that much.
                                This is a phenomenon you see in quite a few games lately. Why do you have to be good player in order to get a balanced gameplay? It's not good enough to balance dps, you also have to balance the difficulty of a weapon, and that's where the stinger is outstanding.
                                Sorry, but the argument that the shock combo was so much more devastating than the stinger is just rediculous. The only way I can use the shock combo is by standing still. I just can't get it off if I keep dodging. Am I not good enough to have fun with this game?
                                Same applies to rockets and Flak shots. They are just so much easier to dodge, that is they can be dodged as opposed to the stinger shots.