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There is a hope for UT3

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    There is a hope for UT3

    Yes guys there is a hope for UT3 :

    - Because it's Epic and Epic didn't let us down with UT, UT2K3 or UT2K4. We always had free additional content, good patches,...

    - Because this first patch that is coming around the corner seems great, fixing a lot of stuff that needed to be fixed. IMHO, it's one of the best Day1 patch we've seen in the gaming industry since a long time. Of course, UT3 should have been perfect on the day of its release but we all know that the gaming industry doesn't work that way. It's not the responsability of Epic if games are always released unpolished. It's a matter of time, of money, of economy more than a matter of will from the devs.

    - Because every issues the community is discovering those days can be fixed. It's all about little adjustements in the code or in the UI. Nothing is broken in the core engine or in the game : it's smooth, it's optimized. It's just not polished like we could have expected.

    - Because UT3 is the last of its kind. The last FPS with this kind of gameplay, the last "Quake Like" that remind me the simple, efficient and fast gameplay of Quake 3 and the original UT (Yes I love DM and CTF).

    - Because even if we are not happy with issues we have, we play and have fun.

    - Because the engine is totally opened and what we don't have out of the box or with the patches, we'll have it by mutators or mods. Don't get me wrong here, I understand the veterans who are disapointed because of things that are not included in the game for now but all is the result of concessions. The game has been designed to make happy as many people as possible. If only hardcore gamers (the kind of folks who are posting here) buy the game, EPIC won't have enough money to make patches, free addon packs, UT4,...

    That's what makes me think there is a hope. For the negative part and my fears of seeing UT3 becoming a unplayed game (because that is the main risk IMHO), I won't list those here as many people already have.