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ut 3 is more then the demo proved to be

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    ut 3 is more then the demo proved to be

    this game is once again the beast of all games feels right. make sure the screen percentage is at full. other wise the quality of graphics will degrade if u knew then never mind. the grtaphics are a little blurry other wise feels and sounds like the old unreal{2004).
    as long as u tweak the sound options to u r likings,to make it sound right very important.
    my only concern is that i cant really focus due to the blurryness of the graphics and still have that old perfect feel, otherwise no i did not waste my money my beautiful saphhire 1950 xt plays it better than any other card available thats for sure .
    ty to ut admins and workers for living up to the game ...etc ty very much.
    ps.go get this game it proves the demo wrong...................

    i was about to download the torrent from my favorite bittorent tracker but my girlfreind said to buy the game and it was well worth it.

    i love unreal and have the most fun and get the best replay value as usual with this one it seems.ty ut team.
    and i am a ut 2004 fan forever best game ever made make my heart race at 200/fps {ut2004forever)2004 is still the best game ever made in this universe. that will never change for sentimental reason.

    1 thing that is important for u to nkow there is no onslaughter mode its now called warfare wich is a mix i think of onslaught and capture the flag etc but its fun still .
    guaranteed fun certified by me lol.

    1950xt plays it better than any other card available? I think not, my good chum. Still a very nice card tho.

    And yah, dont torrent games - the more people torrenting instead of buying the less money is available to develop the games. But good on ya for purchasing the game and supportin' Epic!


      I bet my 8800GT outperforms your 1950XT

      EDIT: And yes, I know you people with 8800GTXs/Ultras can outperform me (but not by too much) so you don't have to state it


        hehehe... NVIDIA PWNS ATI ALL THE WAY!


          Glad your enjoying the game.

          I am so excited now. Thanks EPIC for the patch!