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Why does everything have to glow so much?

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    If you dont want all of that bright glowing background go here

    This helped out alot for me , the background was way to bright. This is a great find.


      Well because of the major imbalance of light on the maps all the light has crapt up into cetain bits in hope of hiding the grey colours.

      In my honest opinion i think they did it because they thought it would hit the niche market of all those ravers out there.

      I think you just turn bloom off to turn it off btw.


        Originally posted by VanEck View Post
        One way I found to get rid of some the BLINDING GLOW RAVE EFFECTS was to switch post-processing to "VIVID".

        Give it a try... made a world of a difference for me.

        I tried it in vivd and still didn't like the glow, so i changed it to "muted" and it's alot better.

        Thanks for the help - i wasn't really sure what that setting was for in the first place so i just set it to the highest possible.


          BTW, from some screenshots i've seen with the "depth of field" option removed - which seems to turn off the glow effect on distant background objects - the distant objects seem to be of incredibly low detail, as if they're using bloom to hide that fact.

          Very dissapointing.


            UE3 is notorious for ugly and overused glow and blur (UT3, RS:Vegas, etc). I don't know what it is, but its just ugly. We all know you can pull off blur and glow realistically and make it seem more natural. CoD4, orange box, and crysis, to name a few...


              Originally posted by Lulzy View Post
              They are basically taking something that exist in the real world and exagerate it, much like everything else is exagerated to create an interesting atmosphere.
              Don't assume that realism is always the goal. More often than not it's better to stray away from it, because there's little point of making a virtual environment that's just a poorly executed knock off of the real world. Reality is usually something you want to depart from when you play a game.

              Sometimes of course, bloom is a poor aesthetic decision that is just done because everyone else does (lens flares anyone?), but I think it works well with the general style of ut3.
              What would be the point of making UT3 looks TOO realistic?

              It's UNREAL tournament, why not, instead... Use those options to make a artistically nice looking game by using those features instead?

              This is what they did, they didnt try to make it look realistic, they tried to make something that you don't see in real-life, on purpose.

              And again, I see you guys talk as if you had your monitor brightness at 99999999, I have everything maxed in-game and the glow/hdr is far from making me go blind.


                glowsticks! wo0 :P