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    The way dynamic music is implemented has been crossing through my mind the last few days. First of all, I absolutely love the way how they've done it, but the only downside is that they kind of use it the wrong way. I was absolutely thrilled hearing GoDown again, probably one of the best game music tracks ever made (who doesn't agree?). Killing someone in Deck gives this extra oomph to the track, giving you a sort of "HELL YEAH" translated into music. But it's a shame to hear the music die down and not coming back up again (and not only in Deck), which indeed flushes your adrenaline down the drain, and this is in my opinion where Epic fails a bit.

    The thing they need to change is a constant background music that really keeps you in the mood and pumps up the adrenaline, and then when you kill someone a growling soundeffect would be in place, that fits the music (e.g. The killing sound in ShangriLa is quite out of place) and, like I said, confirms the "HELL YEAH" feeling. Music - and I'm sure Epic knows this - plays a vital part in fast-paced action games like UT, and thus is a very very important feature.

    Kevin Riepl and his comrades have made some pretty astonishing remixes of the old UT99 music, keeping the same ambience and beats in it. Don't say GoDown, Mech8 and Skyward have been remixed the bad way, because I sincerely disagree on that.

    So far my little speech, I have to say Epic has done some great work on the music part, thus my vote for 'Yes, I love the dynamic music' but in future bonus packs, please use it in a more propriate way




        I really don't like the dynamic music, it almost ruins the game for me because the pumping soundtrack of the previous games was one of the things I loved.

        Also, the volume of the music is too quiet.

        AND, the kill sounds are waaaaay too loud.

        I thought I was experienceing a bug with the sound at first but having seen this thread...

        Epic, please give us the options to disable dynamic music and make the kill sounds quieter for christs sake, please.


          It would be ok if it was more relevant, fall from a low height, loose 10~ health and the full action/battle music score starts...


            UT2004's music player was ideal - the system in UT3 works well enough with respect to single player, but online I'd like to play my own music without having to run winamp in the background.


              I actually thought I was having soundcard driver problems the first time I played this online! While I agree this is an interesting idea, the implementation of this in it's current form is frankly going close to ruining the online MP for me. It is a constant source of annoyance that really takes me out of the experience.

              I'm sure UT3's music is as great as it's predecessors but I honestly wouldn't know, as I have only heard a few seconds of each song.

              So, err, Yes. :]

              PS: Also does anyone know if there's an easy way to play the music files "offline", ie in winamp, vlc, whatever?


                Well, one big YES from me. It's a shame that such good music can't be fully listened in one dm match.


                  I play w/o music and ambient sounds to try to hear mantas


                    I'd prefer to enable/disable this via mutator or ini settings for specific maps:

                    becase i like dynamic music on some maps, on others dont.


                      Yeah I agree, when the music suddenly stops, it's just boring.
                      And when you fall and get some damage, the music becomes active again, while there actually isn't any action, that just sounds rediculous.

                      I did notice there are different 'action' parts in some songs, those are actually nice, like in CTF-Coret. When you have the flag the music sounds different.

                      I say, make an option to only disable the 'ambient' music.

                      Also, the music stinger from CTF-Coret is horrible, that weird tone when you kill someone.



                        I really hope this is addressed soon. it's not like this would take a long time to implement or anything.


                          I like the dynamic effect, but hate it to play without music sometimes


                            Pointless topic, the music is already mixed for it's current state, you would either have to rip most of it out and just leave the background stuff active normally or you'd have to re-mix it all.

                            I don't like the dynamic stuff that much, sometimes it fits but being alone on my side of a map and taking slight fall damage shouldn't trigger the full on OMG COMBAT! music...

                            I play with the music off, and you can play the soundtrack in VLC/Winamp/PlayerOfChoice in the background if you so wish.


                              Sometimes dynamic music is cool, especially in CTF.
                              Music pull up when getting flag and carrying it to base, causing overall focus.
                              But on some DM maps is very annoying - Deck.
                              Best music for Deck was in 2004 - little symphonic like.


                                Just undusting this thread again because I've noticed some people are asking for this option for the future patch 1.4... Please vote!